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  1. bioteach

    DT just peed milk looking pee!!!

    It was probably a nitrogen dump! Oftentimes it looks more like cottage cheese and it is indeed perfectly normal.
  2. bioteach

    How big will my tortoise get?

    Our little girl is about 20 and she isn't much bigger than that. Desert Tortoises do continue to grow; but their growth slows down as they age. By the time that they reach maturity they grow very slowly. Remember, the larger an animal gets the more food it needs to sustain healthly life. In...
  3. bioteach

    One for the books!

    The perp is about half of her size (brave little guy). But, yes, we did shore up her side of the stem wall just in case.
  4. bioteach

    One for the books!

    Hello, It's possible that he could have been there - we would never have known. About a year ago someone had posted "missing tortoise" posters in the vicinity. That could be our "Romeo", and I posted the information on the neighborhood app. We have had Sunshine for many years and when she is...
  5. bioteach

    One for the books!

    We dote on our adopted Desert Tortoise, a 20+ year old female. Usually, she comes out to graze early in the day and loves her flowers and tasty leaves. She comes right over when we enter her enclosure. We hadn't seen her in a couple of days although the weather was warm and ideal for her. We...
  6. bioteach

    Winter must be over!

    It's hard to know exactly when a tortoise eventually emerges. It's been so damp here that our little girl may have just wanted to bask in the warmth. She is still rather slow; but she is moving lot more today than she did yesterday. She nibbled on some Hibiscus too.
  7. bioteach

    Winter must be over!

    Hi, We live in the Phoenix area and have an adopted Desert Tortoise. She has her enclosure outside (filled with delicious native plants) that is protected by a Dogaloo. She has dug herself a sizeable burrow underneath and went down under late fall when the nights began to get chilly. The...
  8. bioteach

    Winter must be over!

    Sunshine emerged from her burrow! Her front claws are worn down from digging herself out; and she is very slow right now. The night temps are only in the high 40's; although it has been in the 70's during the day. She has plenty of food and water, but for now she just prefers to bask for the...
  9. bioteach

    I have a not so young baby desert tortoise.

    Desert Tortoises are not suited to be house pets; and they are a protected species and are normally in the wild. Please check with your local Nevada Game and Fish for their input. She needs an outdoor enclosure with provision for a burrow, native plants, and a clean source of water. The Game...
  10. bioteach

    Phoenix Brumation for DT - need advice

    Our DT, "Sunshine" has a mind of her own. We have a "dogaloo" with no floor. She uses that as a shelter and dug a nice burrow underneath. She has already "gone under". Last winter she came out once or twice and then went back in on her own. She has thrived just doing what is natural to her...
  11. bioteach

    30 yr old Desert Tortoise sleeping outside for the first time

    We lived in Tucson for many years before moving to Phoenix. Our tortoise was just a hatchling when we got him as a rescue. He has always had a burrow and gone under for the winter - even his first year. We did have him in a protected enclosure close to the house so it never got too cold...
  12. bioteach

    cactus food option

    It sounds as though you are doing all that you can for your new little friend. The romaine is highly discouraged because it is mostly water, has little nutrition and lacks fiber. If you can get some bermuda grass from a local feed supply or nursery that would be great. Baby tortoises might...
  13. bioteach


    Our desert tortoise has hibernated in her burrow; but oddly, one year she parked herself under a Hibiscus bush and slept the winter away there. We consulted with our vet and he said that it isn't uncommon and it was OK (it was a mild winter). The burrow would be the least stressful.
  14. bioteach

    Why is my tortoise wandering?

    We live in the Scottsdale area as well. Our girl, Sunshine, went on a similar mission. For a week or so she tried to get out of her safe enclosure by climbing out.and explore the world. She was unable to escape; but she tried over and over. As of now, she has given up and is sticking closer...
  15. bioteach

    Desert Tortoise Newbie.

    We lived in Tucson for years before we moved to Phoenix (with our tortoise) and never hibernated our girl inside even as a hatchling. She dug herself in and came out in the spring a bit slowly and grumpy but totally healthy. One winter she decided not to even bother with a burrow and parked...
  16. bioteach

    He always spills his water!

    We use a larger plant saucer made of clay and it is almost impossible to tip over. It is larger than the tortoise; but it is very shallow and it provides excellent traction so that our tortoise does not slip and can easily navigate the depth. One word of caution, however, the rough surface...
  17. bioteach

    Parasitic Roundworms

    We brought our Desert Tortoise to the vet for her annual checkup and lo and behold, her stool sample was full of roundworm eggs! She appears healthy, eats well, and had no obvious signs of illness; but a large parasite burden can be harmful over time. She has been medicated and will return to...
  18. bioteach

    Male or female? Three years old desert tortoise

    We had a hatchling that we were certain was female. Imagine our surprise when "she" turned 13. "Her" name was Timi and when "she" came out of hibernation her 13th summer "she" was Timmy. We brought her/him to the vet for her/his pre-hibernation check a simple probe revealed a penis! Be...
  19. bioteach

    Who shares your tortoise enclosure with your tortoise?

    Our Desert Tortoise (Sunshine) had an unexpected visitor. When I entered her enclosure to offer her some Hibiscus blossoms that were out of her reach, there was a baby rabbit in her burrow! It was hilarious watching me chasing the rabbit out, and we are working on a better gate. The rabbit...
  20. bioteach

    Hibernation is finally over for "Sunshine" our Desert Tortoise.

    Our wonderful Desert Tortoise has finally decided that she has had enough of winter and had a nice day of basking in the sun and eating everything in sight. She grazed on her Bermuda lawn, ate several Hibiscus leaves, and lots of Globe Mallow blossoms and leaves. It was a long, cold, damp...