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  1. steve426


    I know this has probably been covered somewhere on here but it is probably easier for me to ask than spend hours searching. What is a good level of humidity for my 2 year old sulcata? He already has some pyramiding that he came with when i got him and i really want to do everything i can to keep...
  2. steve426

    Sulcata and Leopard housed together?

    I was just wondering if it would be insane to house a young Leopard tortoise with a young Sulcata? The Sulcata is around the 4" mark and the Leopard is a little smaller. I know that husbandry for both are very similar and was just wondering if any other members have house these two types...
  3. steve426

    Charlie and Dozer's indoor accommodations.

    Just a picture of my two sulcata's indoor home, they can't wait till the snow is gone. Charlie is the little guy on the ramp and Dozer you can't miss.
  4. steve426

    Purchasing online for Canadians

    I see several online sites all over the internet selling tortoises and shipping them to your door but none of them as far as i know will ship into Canada. I know there are several other canadians on this forum and i hoping some of you might know of a website that we can actually use to obtain...
  5. steve426

    Hello! Forum newbie

    My name is Steve and I am new to this site. I live in good old Trenton, Ontario, Canada. Among my many reptiles I have 2 Sulcata's, "Charlie" my 1.5yr old and "Clyde" my 5yr old male. Despite there drastic size difference they get along very well and spend most of there day simply following each...