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  1. Delilah1623

    Young Female Sulcata for Adoption

    Hello, I took on a rescued sulcata a few months ago. I live in WI and hate the thought of her being inside 8 months out of the year. I would love to find her a good home where she can be outside year round. If you are interested please contact me!
  2. Delilah1623

    Is this an egg?!

    My female russian laid.... this.... it does not look the shape of any tortoise eggs I have ever seen. What on earth do I do with it?!? I'm freaking out! Lol
  3. Delilah1623

    Box Turtle Friends?

    I know most tortoises and turtles do better on their own but I have read conflicting information on if female box turtles do better in small groups? I am coming to the experts. I adopted what I read told was a male a few weeks ago but am 99% sure it is actually female. The rescue had a...
  4. Delilah1623

    Shell Help

    I rescued this little guy today. Apparently some guy took him and 3 others from the wild while on vacation. Guy left for college. Didn't come back to feed them. His parents didn't see the need to feed them until 3 died, then they turned this guy in to rescue. His shell is in bad shape...
  5. Delilah1623

    She laid an egg!?!?!

    Today I went to put a rescued female russian tortoise in her bath and there was a broken egg in the enclosure! She was housed with a male but I separated them about 2 months ago when I took them in so unsure if it was fertile or not.... Is it possible she will be laying more? Is there...
  6. Delilah1623


    I am taking a trip in March to Orlando and wonder if anyone knows of any fun things to see while I am there, tortoise related or otherwise! I am not big into crowds so have no plans to go to Disney and I have a killer whale phobia so Seaworld is out. I am looking for more laid back, off the...
  7. Delilah1623

    Sick baby redfoot )=

    My baby redfoot is not doing well. He hasn't pooped in about a week and stopped eating a few days ago. The last 2 days he doesn't want to open his eyes unless I run him under warm water for a bit. Cool end of his tank is 80. Hot end is 96. He gets baths almost every day. Humidity is tough...
  8. Delilah1623

    It's finally done!

    The new tortoise enclosure is finally done! It just needs to air out for a week or so from the stain and poly and then it will be ready to come inside! The long sides are 6 feet, short sides are 3 feet.
  9. Delilah1623

    Feeding live food... good or bad?

    I have a baby diamondback terrapin. Right now she is eating a variety of pelleted and flake food and once or twice a week a dried shrimp or mealworm. I have been wondering about starting to feed her live food once in awhile, probably feeder guppies and ghost shrimp.... but will this make her...
  10. Delilah1623

    Tortoise themed Christmas presents!

    Let's see em! This is an apron I got (= I got a few other things too but accidentally left a bag behind at my parents with all the good stuff in it!
  11. Delilah1623

    awesome shirt!

    Hope this is ok to post. If not please remove. I had to get one lol
  12. Delilah1623


    Has anyone else noticed they get different notifications on the Web than through the app? Also some times I don't get notifications on at all, even on threads I started.
  13. Delilah1623

    leaf fish

    Does anyone have a leaf fish? I saw a super cute one the other day and am wondering if he would go in my tank. It is a 37 gallon with 2 angelfish that appear to be the same sex, a Germany blue ram and a clown pleco. Or does anyone have any suggestions? Tropical fish are not my forte
  14. Delilah1623

    Shell problem?

    What do the people with more experience think of the shell on the guy on the left? He is not mine. It is at the place a volunteer at. He is under 3 inches. The guy they got him from said his shell is shaped that was because he is "wasp shaped" and a male....It was my understanding this was...
  15. Delilah1623


    Ok weird topic but anyone ever had a concussion? I bumped my head Wednesday night and I have only vague memories from Wednesday night when I woke up at 5 PM today and was calling my boyfriend/ex boyfriend to see when he was coming to get the rest of his stuff...that he had picked up Thursday...
  16. Delilah1623

    Gravel Cleaner for shallow water

    Can anyone recommend a good suction cleaner to get the gunk off the bottom of the turtle tank? I have a regular suction one for my aquarium but because the turtle water is shallow it doesn't work well. Thanks for any advice!
  17. Delilah1623

    Hatchling care sheet for redfoots?

    Does anyone know of a good website or resource for raising baby redfoots? I have put together the care of my baby with all the research I have done on the forum but I am also volunteering at a place that has 2 baby redfoots. They were in a 20 gallon tank with a screen top and just a UVA bulb...
  18. Delilah1623

    Snails for turtle food?

    Has anyone raised snails for their turtle? A lot of things I have read say diamondback terrapins love snails. I got some of those tiny pest snails free from the pet store and have them in a 1 gallon tank with an algae wafer and they are happy as can be. Would there be anything wrong with...
  19. Delilah1623

    Tortle Rooms!!

    Let's see your tortle (tortoise & turtle) rooms! I can't be the only one with a room that makes your family and friends question your sanity! Note the 3 happily eating tortoises (although the one in the tank is hard to see!)
  20. Delilah1623

    Neat turtles and tortoises

    Today I volunteered for the first time at a local non - profit educational center that has a lot of animals native to the state of WI. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of the cool things that were there. There was also a guy who has a big collection of snapper color mophs that were...