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    Yes I’m based out of Delaware.
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    Deformed tortoise gets a wheelchair

    Eats and drinks and poops and pees.
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    Deformed tortoise gets a wheelchair

    This is a Marje needed Tortoise that was born with a congenital deformity. It’s bottom of the shell is twisted upside down. It’s front half was perfectly normal there was no deformity in its face or front legs. He was able to properly eat and it could scoot itself around using its front legs...
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    $500 each. Shipped. $900 shipped for both. These will be gorgeous adults and will be a fun breeding program to start. Or they will just be super unique to own. They both have little to zero red pigment on their skin. Raised in a closed chamber. They are rock solid and gorgeous...
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    Egyptian instahatch egg!!!!

    $1,050 shipped. Hatch a tortoise with an instahatch egg. Hatching your own tortoise is simple. I provide a detailed care guide from unboxing through its first year. You need to provide your own incubator, everything else is supplied by me. Watching a tortoise come to life, is something you...
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    F2 Sicilian western Hermann’s

    $1000 shipped. F2 Western Hermann’s Madonie (Sicilian) yearling Testudo hermanni hermanni from Madonie. In short, this is a Sicilian Hermann’s Stud book number 2-1346 (sire 2-1223, dam 2-1232). This yearling was hatched by me on 5/16/2018. I held this back because it was the first...
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    Eastern Hermann’s hatchlings (2019)

    •$200 shipped. •Discount for multiple. •[email protected] if interested. ***you get to pick out the exact one you want.
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    Leopard (South African, pardalis pardalis)

    $450 shipped, each. •Ian Tomich’s blood line •5 months old; hatched December 2018 •smooth growth. •too young to sex •95 and 102 grams (that’s accurate and yes they are 5 months old) •raised in closed chamber; high heat, high humidity •don’t be afraid, closed chambers are very easy if done...
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    Eastern Hermann’s instahatch eggs!!!

    Have you ever wanted to see a tortoise hatch out of an egg right before your eyes? Tortstork will help you with that opportunity with an instahatch egg. It’s an experience you will never forget!!! What is an Insta-Hatch egg? •An Insta-Hatch egg is an egg that is 100% fertile and days away...
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    Pitre's Pardalis, Sulcatas, & more

    I second that. His Leopards are some of the healthiest I’ve gotten!!!
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    Tortstork "Insta-Hatch" Marokkensis Egg!

    Exactly. It’s just left over albumen. Dried up. Sometimes blood veins are popped from the hatchling moving around inside the egg and the vessels bleed into the albumen and don’t get completely absorbed into the yolk sac. They get mixed up with the albumen to make that dark color gelatinous...
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    Tortstork "Insta-Hatch" Marokkensis Egg!

    Kitty nailed it! An Insta-Hatch egg is 100% fertile and days away from hatching. The egg is candled and documented through out incubation to confirm that it is developing properly. The egg is shipped 10 days before its predicted hatch date. Like a human’s due date, an Insta-Hatch predicted due...
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    Ibera Greek instahatch egg

    $200 plus shipping. Ibera Greek instahatch egg (Testudo graeca ibera). This egg was laid on 2/8/19. Via candling, I have documented it’s chalking, veining, and embryo growth. The projected shipping date is April 9th, 2019. If you have never hatched a tortoise before, this is an experience of a...
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    Melanistic redfoot?

    Curious to get your opinions on this little hatchling. Do you think it’s a Melanistic redfoot?
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    Tortstork "Insta-Hatch" Marokkensis Egg!

    Just love the sight of a pip. The amount of excitement that rushes through your body. It happens every time for me. Over and over again. It literally never gets old. Congrats on a successful #44!
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    Today's the day!!!! :-)

    Calming down is a good sign. He is getting used to his enclosure. He was like the kid entering a new house for the first time. Running around checking out his new bedroom and the back yard, etc. Once he calms down completely he should start eating. I’m sure you know this, but try feeding him...
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    Today's the day!!!! :-)

    Love the name Nelson. Sounds like you have had a busy day. I look forward to reading this thread for updates on how he is doing.
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    Lets see some Redfoots!

    Two of the same yet so different.
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    Eastern Hermann’s 6 months old

    $200 plus shipping. Email me for more pictures, weights, videos, etc. pick the one you want.
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    Multiple Instahatch tortoise eggs.

    We have the following species available to ship over the next few weeks. Sulcata - $100 Russian - $200 Marginated -$200 Moroccan Greek - $300 Cherryhead - $300 Have you ever wanted to see a tortoise hatch out of an egg right before your eyes? Tortstork will help you with that opportunity...