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  1. CtTortoiseMom

    Cowboy_Ken's official Little Ricky pics & stats

    Here is Little Ricky. As of 3/20/13 he is 27 weeks old, weigh's 290 grams and is 4.5 STV. Oh yeah and he is super cute!!
  2. CtTortoiseMom

    Cowboy_Ken's tortoise tracking system

    Genius….. (Sorry I was only able to get screen shots of the pics).
  3. CtTortoiseMom

    My Harlem Shake Video

    Hi all, if you have not seen the Harlem Shake video's on YouTube, look them up!!! They are hilarious!! They inspired me to make a video of my own with my family. Well, most of my family because my teenager refused to be in it. I hope you enjoy the ridiculousness and it inspires you to make your...
  4. CtTortoiseMom

    App not working

    Hi, I use the App on my Iphone to access the forum. I keep getting this error… is anyone else experiencing this?
  5. CtTortoiseMom

    Northeastern Blizzard 2013

    29 inches of snow fell from 9am yesterday to around 9am this morning. Dagny in the snow… This used to be my mailbox… We made a maze for the kids in our backyard… My son in the pathway to our front door… Crazy snow animal… and lastly my driveway…
  6. CtTortoiseMom

    Ewwwww Sid!

    Can anyone guess what Sid has been eating? Sadly, it is not a Mazuri day if that is anyones guess.
  7. CtTortoiseMom

    Chewy's sex?

    Chewy is young but pretty big! He/she will be 2 in April and weigh's just under two pounds and is a little bit bigger than a soft ball… By the way for those of you who want to know.. Chewy is from one of Tom's clutches.
  8. CtTortoiseMom

    Fox in Sulcata enclosure!!

    In early May of this year a momma fox dug under our shed and had two babies. The two babies we really cute to watch and got into everything, even Sid's enclosure!!! Interestingly enough were very indifferent to each other. Sid never stopped eating and at one point the fox even laid down to take...
  9. CtTortoiseMom

    For Jacqui-Great Dane now 1 yr!!

    For those of you who did not see Dagny's puppy pictures here is the thread... Dagny is now just a little over one year old, she weigh's 141 pounds and is still growing! She is the love of our lives! She is best friends with our Bassett...
  10. CtTortoiseMom

    My new puppy!!!!

    Meet Dagny she is our 10 week old Great Dane that weigh's 26 pounds and is already taller than our Basset Hound (actually, most dog's are taller than Reagan). Sorry for the pic quality I was taking them with my cell. Look at her big paw's! Reagan checking her out when she was sleeping...
  11. CtTortoiseMom

    Very Interesting and Inspiring story... Click on the link above and watch the video if you can. Tell me whatcha think:).
  12. CtTortoiseMom

    Chewy 27 week's

    I was taking my weekly record pictures and just thought they were really cute. So here is Chewy one week shy of 7 month's….
  13. CtTortoiseMom

    Pictures of Reagan the Basset Hound

    I want to share some pictures of my dog, Reagan. She is the sweetest dog I have ever had. She is scared to death of all other people and animal's that do not live in my house but is madly in love with her immediate family. She goes to extreme lengths to avoid ever laying on the ground. I cannot...
  14. CtTortoiseMom

    Is Sid too cold?

    My 32.5 Sulcata Sid is still living outside because he has a heated house and lot's of grass and weeds he can still graze on. It has been getting up into the mid 60's during the day and at night his house has never gone below 71 degrees. Last night it went down to freezing outside and we had a...
  15. CtTortoiseMom

    Breast Cancer and Dinner's

    My friend is fighting a terrible battle against breast cancer. She has been doing aggressive chemo treatment's for the last five month's and nothing is changing except she is very sick and very weak. Recently a group of women started making dinner's for her and her family. I make dinner for her...
  16. CtTortoiseMom

    Update on Sid with pictures

    Today was Sid's last Post Operative check up, Yipee!! The Vet said that the surgery site (from the removal of his abcess) is healing very well. He is able to stop the anti inflammatory medication but will continue to take Baytril until the end of the month. He has a tiny bit of swollen tissue...
  17. CtTortoiseMom

    Erin-0 Sid-5, Help needed re: flushing wounds

    Sid has a tiny little hole under his chin that the vet left open so that I could flush it daily with very diluted betadine and add some granulex. The hole is just big enough for me to stck the curved tip of the syringe in, but the cavern that needs to be flushed is pretty large from everything...
  18. CtTortoiseMom

    Quick temporary heated hide??

    Hi, does anyone have an idea for a quick temporary outdoor heated hide? I was thinking dog house with a large CHE. But, if we drill a hole and hang it from the ceiling water will get in. So then I thought we could do that and then tarp the top but it seems kind of weak. Any other idea's?
  19. CtTortoiseMom

    Guilty pleasure.. The show "love in the Wild"

    Are any of you watching this show? If you are not, it is a reality show that pairs up single people and has them compete in challenges together in a Costa Rican jungle. I just wanted to confess that I love this show! I am sitting hear waiting for Rob to finish watching "Top Shot" so we can...