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  1. Rjhoop

    baby snapper

    Hey everyone! I seem to have got a baby snapper in my koi pond this summer! Don't see any others, never had. I have no clue where he came from but he's a cutie! Probably 3 inches now. Anyways what should I do for winter for him? He's eating good, I put feeder guppies in there and I had a few...
  2. Rjhoop

    help with id please!

    I have this on tortoise table and can't get a answer yet. Anyone know what this is? It's a evergreen ground cover! Thanks :)
  3. Rjhoop

    a little different approach to the same question hahahaha

    Hey everyone! I have a different approach to the same worn out question so I hope it feels different!! Ok I'm back to worried new Daddy all over again, I have a seven year old sully that has always done great!! BUT just moved and built a new outdoor run for her. The enclosure is 25 by 40 feet...
  4. Rjhoop

    What makes them eat better??

    Hello everyone!!So what do you guys/gals offer food all day or limit it?I have seen both on here, just looking for some input of what way makes them eat better!!My little sully will eat a little each time he passes his food dish.Is that normal?I pull his food 2-3 hours before lights out.Do you...
  5. Rjhoop

    MVB Bulb ???

    Hey does anyone know effective range distance of different wattage MVB bulbs ie 100 watts 16 inches etc.???Ya know what i mean any questions ask thanks!!!
  6. Rjhoop

    plants/weeds in new outdoor pen

    Hi everyone just got done building Dozer his outdoor pen last week and there were a few weeds im not sure about, i pulled them but im sure they will come back!!Tell me what you think....Thanks from Dozer!!! A few i think are dandelion and clover but want to make sure i know that some look...
  7. Rjhoop

    Buffalo N.Y. area craigslist adds

    Sorry dont know how ta post links yet but Two adds on craigslist Buffalo..First is 2 red ear sliders tank lights accessories looks like free!!Second one is for a 3-4 inch snapper not sure what he wants for it!!
  8. Rjhoop

    Rate my babys pyramiding!!

    Like the title says,be honest in what ya think he is about 18-20 weeks old and i wanna stop it before it gets any worse so what do ya think is it bad yet or what??Thanks By the way Tom should be able to rate the last one!!!
  9. Rjhoop

    stressed new father!!!!!

    hello everyone!Just got my first baby sulcata yesterday came a day earlier then the day i had scheduled(NOT HAPPY).He hasent been eating much yet im not sure if he needs to get used to everything just a little stressed,i know i am!!temps are good i have 75-80 in his sleep hut,100-110 in his...
  10. Rjhoop


    Hello from N.Y.