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  1. PixelAdams

    Help - Tortoise eating new substrate.

    Hello all, it's been a while since I've posted but I'm having a new problem with my 2 year old marginated tortoise Pixel. I got a new, larger enclosure for her and put in a substrate of mixed organic gardening soil and play sand. When I put her on it she immediately started to eat it, ignoring...
  2. PixelAdams

    Humid hide question.

    Hello all. I've had my marginated tortoise, Pixel, for over a year now. She's over three inches and growing smoothly. I had a humid hide in her enclosure for a year, but recently took it out. The humidity in her enclosure generally stays above 50%, higher if I spray it down. My question is how...
  3. PixelAdams

    Help with gnats!

    So I have a bit of a bug problem in my enclosure. I first noticed it after I added the topsoil, before I even got my tortoise. Now there's more and more gnats all the time. They've spread from buzzing around her food and lights to buzzing around the plants in my windowsill. I know I can't spray...
  4. PixelAdams

    Leave light on when tort is asleep?

    So my baby marginated spends a lot of time sleeping in her humid hide. Usually in for the night around 5 o clock. I have my basking light (MVB) on a timer set to stay on 14 hours, 6-8. Should I leave it on the whole time, or can I turn it off after she is in her hide?
  5. PixelAdams

    Marginated baby behavior, is this normal?

    I have a few questions about some behavior I've observed in my baby marginated. Just want to check and make sure everything is normal. First, I've noticed a shoulder bobbing motion she does a lot. It almost looks like she's shrugging, mostly she does this while she's resting. Is this a normal...
  6. PixelAdams

    Meet Pixel!

    My baby marginated finally arrived! Meet Pixel: I almost considered changing her name to Minnie Mouse when I saw the perfect bow that her scutes make above her head. I couldn't be more happy with her, everything went perfectly. Soaked her right away, then put her in the tank. She ate a piece...
  7. PixelAdams

    Pixel's first home: comments and critiques welcome.

    Hello all, I'm looking for comments, critiques, and suggestions on a new baby tortoise enclosure. I'm going to be getting my first tortoise (a marginated tortoise named Pixel) in 2 days. The enclosure is a 54 gallon Rubbermaid storage bin. Substrate: About 4 inches of topsoil, mixed with...
  8. PixelAdams

    Thermostat sensor question.

    So I'm getting a baby marginated tortoise in a week, and I've been trying to set up the enclosure following lots of good advice found on this forum. I got a CHE which will be on a thermostat to control the temperature in the humid hide. My question is where should I put the thermostat sensor...
  9. PixelAdams

    Need light fixture advice.

    Getting my first tortoise next week, and I'm setting up my enclosure for her. I am planning on using a 100 W MVB bulb and a 100 W ceramic heat emitter at night. My original plan was to use the Zoo Med Dual Dome lamp, but it looks like that's not rated for use with a CHE. What do you all use...
  10. PixelAdams

    ID needed on possible plants for tortoise enclosure.

    Hi, I'm looking for help identifying two plants which I may put in my tortoise enclosure. The first is some sort of houseplant that I can't identify. It's never had any flowers. The second I'm pretty sure is a spider plant, which I know is safe, just wanted to double check the ID. Any help would...
  11. PixelAdams

    Greetings from Chicago!

    Hello everyone, just decided to join you all to learn some stuff, share some stuff, and celebrate a love of all things tortoisy. I'm about to become the proud new mama of a baby marginata. (11 days till she arrives!) Her name is going to be Pixel. I'm sure I'm going to have lots and lots of...