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  1. nicoleann2214

    female or male?

    I know it’s to young to tell but if you had to guess what would you say? P.s does her plastron look okay?:)
  2. nicoleann2214

    Does she look dehydrated or sick?

    Hey guys, Nova just recently had a enclosure substrate change I added coco choir and orchid bark, I’ve noticed she’s been yawning a lot and was sticking her head in and out of her shell but she’s been pretty active I haven’t seen any discharge or bubbles. Another thing that’s kinda concerning me...
  3. nicoleann2214


    What do you suggest for her next upgrade? @Chubbs the tegu @Srmcclure
  4. nicoleann2214

    Tortoise poop? (POOP PICTURE)

    Hey guys, I’ve noticed Novas poops have been looking like this? The only new thing I’ve introduced to her diet is cactus pads. Other than that she usually gets a variety of different greens or mazuri. Is this lighter green look something I should be worried about or could it be from the food?
  5. nicoleann2214

    🌱 Plants

    What’s a good source to buy live hibiscus plants or cactus pads for my sulcata? I want to get a plant hibiscus to grow in my grow tent but have safe soil. Thanks,
  6. nicoleann2214


    Have you guys ever heard of a redcata? I didn’t know it was a thing til now it’s a sulcata and red foot breed mixed. Really different.. 🤔
  7. nicoleann2214

    Is this bulb okay for a regular LED light

    ? Is this okay just to lighten up the enclosure
  8. nicoleann2214

    dry shell?

    alright so I noticed her shell looks like this after I’m done soaking? And in general? Humidity is always around 86-88 and temps are 88 ambient and at night I put it down to 80-86. Any ideas? Also I spray her shell daily. @Yvonne G @Chubbs the tegu @Tom
  9. nicoleann2214

    Tortoise food!

    Just ordered from @Kapidolo Farms excited to get it!! 😊
  10. nicoleann2214

    Plant ID please

    Can I put this in my sulcata enclosure and plant it? Or even feed it, it says on the photo app it’s a type of plantain although I’m not sure which? It would be a nice shade plant for my sulcata. Thanks. @Tom @Yvonne G @Chubbs the tegu
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    Just checking to be safe! Is it okay if I feed Nova (sulcata) a lilac?
  12. nicoleann2214

    dry shell?

    what do I do for my sulcata her shell is kinda getting dry? Is there something I could do to give it more moisture? I soak her everyday as well, I spray her shell but she likes to bask when wet under the lamp which I’d assume dries it out even more.
  13. nicoleann2214

    Safe to eat for a sulcata?

    Was wondering if this is safe I found it in the backyard
  14. nicoleann2214


    Can nova eat an ivy plant? (Sulcata tortoise)
  15. nicoleann2214

    aloe vera

    Guys is it true a sulcata can eat aloe Vera plant?
  16. nicoleann2214

    How does she look

  17. nicoleann2214


    Saw these guys in the tank I bought my sulcata in. Already starting my pyramid, and just looks so dry. :( hopefully they end up in good homes soon... and I hope the owners don’t have the same problems I ended up having with mine from there. On the bright side I bought Nova a spider plant, gonna...
  18. nicoleann2214


    Hey guys was curious if my sulcata can eat these??
  19. nicoleann2214

    sulcata pics (feel free to post yours!) :)

    @iAmCentrochelys sulcata here