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    Night lamp

    Hi guys, I have a Horsefield tort and he’s got a lamp for during the day that sits the tank nicely at 32 and the other half of the tank at roughly 20, however do I need to get him a night lamp to keep him warm enough in the evenings? Thanks!
  2. J


    Any one able to point me in the right direction for what soil type/ terrain I can put down in my horse fields outdoor run and his indoor table to try and spice things up for him a little bit? Thanks!
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    Horsefield tortoises!

    Hi Guys! My 4 month old Horsefield tortoise seems unhappy? He seems to scratch at the outside of his tank a lot and when he’s in his run outside he just seems to want to get out. Does anyone know if this is because he’s bored or unhappy? And if so does anyone have any ideas on spicing his life...