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  1. relaxkuma123

    Baby sulcata not pooped off while being forced soak

    I have 2sulcatas, both of them are 3months old. One of them has not been pooped off while being forced soak for a several weeks. But the other one always pooped off immediately after put him in warm water. If he has not pooped off for several week, he would be alright? Ekkapat Thailand
  2. relaxkuma123

    My outdoor enclosure Temporary enclosure for basking!
  3. relaxkuma123

    Baby android sulcata!!!

    Please visit to see my lovely baby sulcata here click like on youtube page if you love them, Thank you Ekkapat Thailand
  4. relaxkuma123

    Baby leopard tortoise not opened his eyes

    Recently my baby leopard tortoise has not opened his eyes for a week, He always sleep all days, even pick him up his eyes still always close. And I've never seen him eating for a week too. I'm very worried, someone here please tell me how to recover him.
  5. relaxkuma123

    My baby redfoot video
  6. relaxkuma123

    Please name my baby redfoot !

    I've just got baby redfoot last week... And he still doesn't have name.. Could someone here, name a good name for him? Ekkapat Thailand
  7. relaxkuma123

    What kind of UVB lamp suit to my baby tort?

    What kind of UVB lamp suit to my baby tort? I have baby sulcata, leopard, indian star and red foot. 1) What's different between UVB5, UVB8, UVB10? and which one is best suit for my baby torts above. 2) How many watt is recommended...
  8. relaxkuma123

    Can this idea be use to be a heat source at night time?

    Can I make heat source for night time by lamp covered with beer can as below photos? Please comment. Ekkapat Thailand
  9. relaxkuma123

    Best one for heating my baby torts (ceramic emitter, infared, substrate heater)

    Which one is best heat source for heating my baby torts at night time? (ceramic emitter or infrared lamp or substrate heater...see below pictures) I would like to buy one of them to be a heat source for my baby torts at the night time. Please recommend me the best one. Ekkapat Thailand
  10. relaxkuma123

    Indoor enclosure for baby sulcata

    Just set up new indoor enclosure for my baby sulcata. Thanks to many ideas and advices from TFO friends! Please visit and click "Like" if you like my new habitat. Thank you Ekkapat Thailand
  11. relaxkuma123

    Definitions of hydration and dehydration

    I 've read Tom's thread about preventing pyramiding.. But I could not understand the meaning of "hydration" or "dehydrated" Could someone here please tell me that meanings in details with examples or photos? Thank you Ekkapat Thailand
  12. relaxkuma123

    New house for my baby sulcata!

    I've just finished setting up new house for my baby sulcata following many advises about separating species... please see and comment. I'm not sure how much proper temperature and humidity for sulcata and leopard and for the indian also.. Please give me some comments about my idea of this...
  13. relaxkuma123

    My final baby indian star passed away...

    I bought 3 idian stars (1.5") last month from JJ. After bought a couple of day, one of them died (I had not been yet even named him)... Last week another one "Daoden" died.. And today the last one "Pingpong" passed away.. Without any signs happened, before died, they still ate and...
  14. relaxkuma123

    Are there anybody raised indian star from little baby?

    If someone raised the indian star from 1.5" baby till become adult. Please share how you are raising them. My 2 babies (1.5") died. Now remained only 1 baby. And I would like to raise him till adult.
  15. relaxkuma123

    My baby indian star passed away...

    My baby indian star's just passed away. Please tell me why did he died. Yesterday, he still ate a lot, and still actively walking around. there was no sign of his sick.. This is 2nd baby indian who died in my attentions. First one died after bought two day. I'm so sad. (i i Or because I changed...
  16. relaxkuma123

    My baby torts' new video on Youtube!

    Please visit my baby torts' new video on YouTube below and click "Like" if you love them. Thank you!
  17. relaxkuma123

    What's the meaning of these numbers?

    I see many members write down some number before tortoise species in their signature...what does they mean? for example 2.4.2 Geochelone sulcata What's the meaning of 2.4.2?
  18. relaxkuma123

    My baby tort ate bark!!!

    I've followed advise from a lot of friends in TFO to change bedding from corn cob to orchid bark. After just changed, my indian star ate bark accidentally, that would effect deadly impactions to him. I'm very worried. I attached picture of bark he ate. (shown in yellow circle.)
  19. relaxkuma123

    Hello from Thailand!

    Hi there! I'm Ekkapat from Thailand. I'm new here and just posted initial thread yesterday. This "TortoiseForum" is so helpful and useful for me. In Thailand, tortoises are not so popular as pet then hard for me to get helpful information. I have 3 Indian star, 1 sulcata, and 1 leopard...
  20. relaxkuma123

    Please tell me ages of my torts

    Actually I don't know actual ages of my five torts. As links below, in the last scene of "My baby tortoises" video I wrote down their ages by guessing from my feeling. Could some of you tell me more correct ages of my five torts?