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    I dont know what this is?

    I havent posted in a while, but I have really awesome news. My tourtise is eating more greens, and is so much more active then he usually is. More outside time/tube uvb has helped tremendously including him fixing his eating habits. Now I have only one concern. I noticed these spots on his shell...
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    Zilla Desert Tube lighting

    Hey guys! I'm looking to buy a tube uvb light for my tourtise tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone had used a tube uvb before in an Indoor enclosure and if they could show me their setup. I'm looking to have it hang above my turtles enclosure since I dont have a screen ontip of his cage. The one...
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    Help my picky eater.

    I feel like I constantly post about my Russian tourtise. I spoil the crap out of him, and in turn he really walks all over me. At first I thought his issues with food were something internal or just wrong. He stopped eating all forms of lettuce, or anything leafy, and would only eat squash...
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    Russian tourtise Vet in Delaware/Mayland Area.

    Hello, I'm looking for experienced vets that can help me with my Russian tourtise. I didnt know if anyone had any experiences with tourtise vets in the Delaware/Maryland area. Thanks. Maddy
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    My tortoise

    So I recently build an outdoor enclosure for my RS named Tuttle. I will post pictures. He really loves it, and is really active. It's nice for him to get natural uv. I take him out when the weather is nice in the 85 range, and I make sure to monitor the weather and always keep watch on him. The...
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    My tourtise did something weird

    So my tourtise just did something weird. He was in the middle of eating and he yawned (opened his mouth) then rubbed his left eye. I know this might sound weird, but it looked like his eyes got puffy all of a sudden? He was on antibiotics then got off it. Not sure why he did this and need advice
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    Im worried about my tourtise.

    My Russian tourtise is recovering from a reapitory infection with the help of antibiotics. This has been going on for two weeks. I've noticed that he has been sleeping alot other them when I take him outside which he is SUPER active. I mean practically running a marathon active. Then came the...
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    I never thought I would say this, but my tourtise is destroying some broadleaf weeds right now and dandelion. I am actually crying from happiness. Hes actually eating things that are good for him.
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    Tourtise not as Eager to to eat?

    I just wanted some clarification for my tourtise. He dosnt seem as intrested in food as other tourtises I've seen. He will eat and will eat alot. But he womt seem intrested when I first set it down and at times needs motivation. Is anyone else's tourtise like this?
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    Increasing humidity i need advice

    Hello, I need advice on how to Increase the humidity in my tank and for it to not decrease as fast. I have water sources and moss. But the minute I spray, the humidity goes down very fast. I realize its partially due to the wooden box but I dont want to make a glass tank for him.
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    I added a new substate in addition to the cypress mulch

    Hey everyone, I added a new substrate in addition to the cypress mulch. I wanted to get opinions and making sure I'm doing it right. It looks good and tuttle seems to enjoy it. But I notice that it keeps getting in his eyes and causes him to rub them. I've made sure to keep it very damp.
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    Best UVB light available

    Hello! Can someone give me the best uvb light that wont hurt my turtles eyes? I've been worried that hes been staring at the light since I bought my new uvb.
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    Potential Respitory issue- Making sure im doing it right.

    So this is my second time posting, the idea of a potential Respitory infection for my tourtise makes sense and I'm making sure I'm taking proper steps to combat it. So like a month ago I noticed that my russian tourtise had a runny nose. I figured it was because his substrate was dry. I put...
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    My Russian tourtise- I am an overthinker and need help.

    Hi! I made an account to post this and am excited to meet new people. I need help with my Russian tourtise named Tuttle. He is 8 years old and got him when he was around a year old. History: I changed his cage from a terrarium to basically what is a 6 × 3 box of wood less then a year ago. In the...