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    Sorry if this topic has already been visited.. I couldn't find the answer I was looking for. Noticed a few posts about people feeding their torts pumpkin (what with the huge abundance of them around Halloween!) And my question is: I have a horsfield tortoise, would it be suitable to feed him a...
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    Stinker Tinker

    Tink, doing what he loves, getting dirty!!
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    Substrate help!!??

    So a while back I took my tortoise to the vet (he had a viral infection) and I couldn't keep the temps high enough in the winter in his table so was advised to switch to a Viv as he was too poorly to hibernate. He is now 100% better and with temps getting warmer I want to switch him to his table...
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    It was warm enough to get Tink outdoors for a bit today :) he enjoyed himself. (The enclosure was only a very very temporary enclosure, I have a broken leg so havnt been able to fix up his outdoor enclosure yet). I'm so pleased he is thriving now, after being quite poorly last year and on anti...
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    Turtles and tortoises

    Is it just me... Or does anyone else get really peed off when people refer to tortoises as turtles?? And trying to explain that they are different species... It really annoys me for some reason. I think because people can be ignorant. Or do I just need anger management!?!?
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    Tinks new enclosure.

    Arghh it's annoying, the pics don't show the enclosure properly, doesn't show the angles, and I couldn't get the hole thing into one tidy photo. Basically the square part of the enclosure opens up on the side, and connects to a ramp, which goes down into another level. The substrate in this...
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    My 4yo horsfield
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    Tinkerbell loves his thermonitor

    His is where he has been sleeping lately
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    So happy!!!

    Best news ever, tinkerbell ate today!!! For the 1st time in months :) iv been so worried, expecting the worst. Watching him get weaker day by day. So today after giving him his warm soak as usual I always try to tempt him with weeds/ dandelion flower/ his pellets. And he actually took a bite of...
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    Going to toilet...

    Anyone who has seen any of my recent posts will know my Russian tortoise has stopped eating :( been trying all I can to get him, but so far all methods are failing. Anyway if he isn't eating I'm obviously not expecting him to poop. However I am regularly soaking him in the hope to at least keep...
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    What do you do to worm your tort?
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    Please help! Russian not eating

    My 3yo Russian male tort has stopped eating. He hasn't eaten anything in 2weeks now and I'm so worried he is going to die :( I posted about this previously in the health section but am posting again as still no improvement and need advice off you guys. He was sleeping in his burrow a lot and not...
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    Sick russian?

    My Russian sleeps in his burrow all the time, and every time I get him back out I try and get him something to et and all he does is go straight back in his hide, th most I can get him to do is take a few bites :( I've double checked all his temps and they are all ok, he has shade, basking...
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    Life is so tiring sometimes being a tortoise
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    Tinkerbell going about his daily duties. He's been a bit quiet lately, spending a lot of time in his hide (not pictured in the photos, it's the other half of his enclosure, a sort of 'cave' where he spends the night, but he's spending a lot of the time in there in the day now. It's worrying me...
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    Horsfield off his food

    My 3year old horsfield is active, basking, destructive, everything he usually is, but he doesn't seem to have much of an appetite. I used to put his food down and he would rush over and start gobbling but he's not really interested at the moment. Should I be worried? He usually has a mixture of...
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    Quick question: MVB?

    I bought an Arcadia MVB basking/UVB bulb for my tort last week. Before this I had just a UV tube and basking bulb. I was told to have the tube and heat on 12-14 hours a day. So I did the same with my MVB bulb, and after a while it would flicker on and off or just switch itself off. I thought it...
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    Tinkerbells new house :)

    The first pic is without the bulb and everything set up. Haven't finished properly yet, in terms of planting different bits. The back part is full of soil for him to burrow in, which is the first thing he did!! He doesn't seem very active at the moment though... He just...
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    Tinkerbells new indoor enclosure should arrive tomorrow and I have been preparing stuff ready for when it comes. He has forest floor bedding ready for part of it and for the other part I'm just off to buy some unfertilised soil as he loves digging. I want to get a little plant as decoration/...
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    Lighting help please!!!

    I'm from the uk and would really appreciate some lighting help!!!! At the moment I have a 100w reptiglow (sp?) heat lamp, and a uv tube 60w. My uv bulb is about to go any day now so I need to buy a replacement, however I'm wondering whether to go buy the same (which I was sold as a package deal...