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    Sick pancake

    I have a pancake hatchling hatched late Feb I think. I have owned a couple months now and she has been sick for three weeks or so. She looks very dry and has a lot of what looks like hard water around her mouth. Her eyelids are swollen. I have taken her to a very knowledge reptile vet who said...
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    Wounds on legs

    I recently adopted a 11 year old MBD sulcata on Saturday. Today we noticed he has wounds on both of his front legs. One is on the underside of his arm and the other two are on the side and top of his other arm. It looks as though the skin has been pealed away. Has anyone seen this? He is now on...
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    I am currently adopting an 8 year old male sulcata tortoise with a roughly 6 month history of seizures. When diagnosed he was having roughly more than 30 a day. He was tried on Phenobarbital which had no effect. I was told they ran a full blood panel but I haven’t seen the results to verify yet...