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  1. David Ablett


    Hi! Been a while since I last posted, but hoping for some advice! Our 2 females have laid for the first time, and we now have 6 eggs in the incubator! It started off with just one egg that was left in their outside run, around 6 weeks ago. And then 2 weeks ago we found 4 eggs buried in the...
  2. David Ablett


    After some advice... (lighting setup) currently in the process of upgrading my 2 marginated tortoises enclosure to give them more space! The new enclosure is just over double is size! For substrate we are just using sterilised top soil with coco noir as they seem to like that best. My question...
  3. David Ablett

    Losing weight

    Hi, I weigh my tortoises weekly, and bathe them every other day. I've noticed my 2 yr old marginated has been loosing weight, pretty quickly. On 25/09/16 she weighed in at 212g and on 30/10/16 she has dropped to 179g. She still remains extremely active, but shows no interest in food! She was...
  4. David Ablett


    Hi, I have 2 marginated tortoise - one @ 2 years and one @ 1 1/2 years. Both are healthy; active and eating. I have noticed in the last few weeks the older tortoise is starting to loose weight. At the moment I am assuming this is natural? The younger tortoise is still gaining weight. I...
  5. David Ablett

    Runny green poop!

    Hi, the last few days my 1 yr marginated has been having very watery green poop (that really stinks). I haven't recently changed her diet as I feed her home grown weeds and then supermarket lettuce when weeds aren't available. I sprinkle nutrobal supplement every other day, and she gets bathed...
  6. David Ablett

    Keeping 2 marginated's together

    We recently have put our 2 marginated tortoises in the same enclosure together (one is a year and a half and the other only 7 months). They seem to get on fine and keep out of each other's way, but every now and again the older tortoise has a bit of a nip on the younger tortoises shell! It...
  7. David Ablett

    Heat levels at night

    What is a safe temperature for my marginated at night time? She is keep indoors as she is only 1 and a half years old. I have considered a ceramic heat emitter on a thermostat to click on and off so the temp doesn't drop below 12 degrees? Is this wise? Thanks
  8. David Ablett

    Constipated? What can I Do?

    I have a 1 and a half year old marginated, which i have had for about a year now. Recently I've noticed she hasn't popped in a while! I bath her daily and usually she goes in the water. I watched her this evening and she seemed to look as if she was struggle? Her diet consists of mixed lettuce...