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  1. lkwagner

    My indian star

    My dream tort, so cute. You're going to want to get rid of that water dish tho and use a Tera cotta saucer instead or something similar :)
  2. lkwagner

    Time Out for Bad Behavior

    Mine would find cig filters in my yard, and we don't smoke. It could happen anywhere....
  3. lkwagner

    Hydrated torts

    Soak with a light over it so it won't get cold
  4. lkwagner

    Mazuri from tortoise cafe

    Yeah you can't search, see participated threads or even see my posts. I stayed in my first post that the search feature wasn't working. Idk my password to sign in on a computer and can't reset it because my old school email went away. But thank you for the link...
  5. lkwagner

    Mazuri from tortoise cafe

    A month or so ago I saw a post from tortoise cafe with a code for tf members to use. Every time I search it says no results, no matter what I search. Anyone know the post I'm talking about? I order from them alllll the time and it would be nice to use the discount for once lol
  6. lkwagner

    Snapping turtle out of water

    Oh yeah! He's always had turtles. Grew up on a swamp/lake, I would always go out in the canoe and come back with the whole bottom of my boat covered with painted turtles. He has 3 soft shells, a snapper, diamond back, and a eastern painted. I have a yellow belly, red ear, and 3 sulcatas lol. If...
  7. lkwagner

    Snapping turtle out of water

    After hearing that he was probably still alive I drove over hoping I could find him. And I did! After looking for almost an hour today I stuck my flashlight in this little crack up against a shelf and this stand up punching bag thing and I heard a hiss. Pulled everything out of the way and there...
  8. lkwagner

    Snapping turtle out of water

    Please I don't need to be scolded over this, it's not even my turtle. Things happen. On Sunday night my dad's snapper got out in the basement and we still can't find it. I've gone over there and looked everywhere and both my parents have been looking for hours and hours. My question is, could...
  9. lkwagner

    Savannah Cat

    That thing is huge!!!!
  10. lkwagner

    Power Outage- advice?

    My parents still have no power. So you're lucky. No Christmas for us tomorrow, the house is 40* and my dad has to stay with the generator. He has quite a few turtles too. The cats and 3lb dog are staying with me.
  11. lkwagner

    Dumb mistake -Praying for a Xmas miracle

    Is the poor little guy breathing? I'm sorry this happened
  12. lkwagner

    "Fun" at the vet....

    We couldn't get one of my turtles to stick his head out but when we flipped him over/upside down he stuck his head out. Worked great and no harm done to the turtle.
  13. lkwagner

    Power Outage- advice?

    Are you in MI? My parents lost power and are at my house with all their pets. They didn't bring the turtles tho. They will be fine till Tuesday with no light/filter. But my previous thread about losing power might help. Do you have a fireplace you could put them by?
  14. lkwagner

    Minimum allowed sizes for tortoise housing?

    I don't think any glass tank would be big enough for any adult tortoise. Downgrading would be unfair
  15. lkwagner

    Powersun burned out, temporary fix?

    Yes it will be fine. It's not like you have that light on 24/7. Just do what you use for night temps.
  16. lkwagner

    The Tortoise Police.

    What a jack ***. If he had a problem with it why would he exchange it in the first place? If this guy is a breeder you should warn us about who he is, so no one else on here has to deal with his craziness. But make sure you boost your temps up for the new sick one, it will help. I cured a uri...
  17. lkwagner


    If yours isn't doing well I would soak 1-2 times a day in warm water for 20-30 minutes. And occasionally with baby food
  18. lkwagner

    Do I need humidity if...

    Idk about humidifiers but my dehumidifier uses a ridiculous amount of electricity