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    Tortoise and the hare

    Lol cute image. Love it! Never know, by then you may welcome calm n peace. A chariot ride may be just the perfect amount of adventure for ya. Lol. Children are plenty of adventure if you ask me. Lol.
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    Tortoise and the hare

    OK will do. Thanx. :D
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    Tortoise and the hare

    That's so awesome. I'll be more adventurous again when my daughter is older. Always excited n a bit surprised to find a person with similar interests and hobbies. I think I'm...different. lol
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    Incubator questions

    Wouldn't the temp gradient n lower Temps at night be most natural? I'm guessing that a single constant temp is desired so that breeders can say which sex they should be? And it doesn't actually have more benefits than say hatching in nature or a closer to natural setting?
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    Tortoise and the hare

    Tom practices falconry!!? Tom The Dog Trainer? SOOO amazing! I think he and I could be great friends.
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    New Redfoot, Darwin

    Anyone else concerned about the slippery water dish in the middle there? I'm picturing your sweet baby unable to grip to get out. And when young they are great at flipping over in the water. I've seen members suggest a very shallow Terra cotta planter sunk into the substrate like you've done...
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    Babies Hatching Out Of The Ground

    What is "dry starting" hatchlings? It even sounds terrible! Sounds all wrong!
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    Potential owner questions

    Lol what were your impulse buys?
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    Climbing and diving headfirst

    Hmm I tried to post a pic several times. Tried different ones. I'm sorry!
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    Climbing and diving headfirst

    Thank you everybody for your replies and concerns! Back on August 31, I turned the half log so it was tree trunk like. Now it's a decoration more than a hide. No more problems. I swear I'm not a lax or unstudied tortie mommy. Just new. I figure at least one person got upset when I said he was...
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    Climbing and diving headfirst

    OK will do. Thankyou.
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    Climbing and diving headfirst

    Hey everyone! My 10 month Sri Lankan Star, "Aristurtle", has started climbing on top of his half log, surprisingly easily, and jumping headfirst. He lands on his back and I try to let him right himself but I don't give him much time. The second time, I tried putting barriers up but he's pretty...
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    Untreated lumber

    I was curious about wood as well. Like to build something grand but worried about urine and moisture absorbtion, mold and things of that nature.
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    Closed "Chambers"

    Ahhh I figured it out! Lol
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    Closed "Chambers"

    Hello Kristina, I'm feeling like the worst tortoise mommy right now! I have two amazing Sri Lankan Stars about 6 and 8 months. Had them since they were 2 and 4 weeks. I thought I was doing well with them but now I'm concerned. I was expecting some pyramiding due to their genes but I have read...
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    Two hatchlings living together?

    I'm so very excited for you!!! Have been for a while. I made the mistake of writing about my excitement to you on the classifieds site so it was deleted. I felt pretty dumb lol. I just read a crazy funny story. Idk how everybody will perceive this but I assure you I'm not trying to talk you out...
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    My two sulcatas like being together, should I still separate them?

    Wow I learned some very valuable info on here! Thank you for being inquisitive and not being afraid to ask questions. Too many people are embarrassed or think they know it all bc they may have read one article. I have no doubt that you will have great success. I wish you the best. And thank you...
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    orchid bark

    Thank you so much. I didn't realize the orchid bark is the fir bark. I found some flukers reptabark and some reptibark from zoo med. The zoo med says it's washable and reusable. Any experience with either?
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    orchid bark

    Hey everybody. Why is the orchid bark so desirable? I have coco choir and cypress mulch.
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    Opinions on this grassland tort starter kit?

    Oh I just saw what you bought! SOOO jealous! Definitely wish I had seen this half a year ago. Too cool! Maybe I'll use one outside! So thank YOU!