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    Hes gone

    I appreciate everyone who took the time to respond to me in an effort to help. Our little guy passed sometime early this morning. I will never buy anything from underground reptiles ever again. I wish you all the best.
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    Hatchling failure??

    I bought my sulcata from underground reptiles before reading reviews :-/ At first the little guy seemed okay although hes never been a big eater unless outside. Now though hes wanting to sleep a lot, only opens his eyes outside and they seem very watery, his shell is feeling softer so much so...
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    One eye wont open

    Help please I have a baby sulcata up until 2 days ago he was perfrctly fine and now one eye wont open Im not sure whats going on see pictures Any advice would be amazing
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    Underside of baby sulcata feeling soft

    Need some insight The underside of our baby is feeling soft and palable. Like a weak plastic lid Hes eating and ive been putting more calcium he seems to prefer alfalfa hay with romaine, clover, and sliced carrots. I also sprinkle faukners land tortoise food. He has a uvb and a uva light as...
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    So we got a sulcata hatchling for my daughter birthday present (of course dad and I are both on board with caring for the little guy) Obviously shes a kid and its a cute baby so shes going to want to hold it from time to time. Is this a huge no no? Can she pick it up and let it wonder? I take...
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    New baby sulcata light question

    Hi everyone, I have some questions I just got my first sulcata hes still a hatchling. I wanted to kniw about the lighting, currently we have a 100 watt uva light. Is that ok or is there a difference in uva and uvb? Any tips and recommendations would be amazing I want him to be healthy and happy