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  1. tortoiseluvr

    Changing Incubators

    Hi Everyone! I have 2 pancake eggs in an incubator right now. I just candled them and one is definitely fertile:D There are some veins and I can see a little embryo. I would like to get a better incubator that is easier to monitor temperature and humidity, so I was wondering if it would be...
  2. tortoiseluvr

    Multiple Males?

    I have been working on a pancake tortoise breeding project for about 2 years now (1 male, 2 females), and my 2 females have both recently produced an egg (one currently in the incubator, but the other broke in the incubator :( I think the one still in the incubator is infertile, but now I know...
  3. tortoiseluvr

    Housing Question...

    I have three adult (1 male, 2 female) pancake tortoises currently living together. Both females have laid an egg recently and appear that they may lay more soon. I am hoping I might have a fertile egg, but if not I am still interested in acquiring a hatchling to raise. I have been wondering...
  4. tortoiseluvr

    Pancake Tortoise Egg... Help Please!

    I have a trio of pancake tortoises, and today I noticed one of the females acting strangely. Turns out she was laying an egg! This is a pleasant surprise, but I have never had a tortoise lay an egg before. Needless to say I could use some help. I am kicking myself for not buying an incubator at...
  5. tortoiseluvr

    Elderly Rats

    I have two elderly rats who are almost two years old. I am extremely concerned about one of them whose name is Remmie. He has gotten very skinny despite the plentiful and easily accessible food supply. I am looking for some high calorie things to help him put some more weight on because he is...
  6. tortoiseluvr

    Rarest Tortoise

    I was just thinking the other day about what the world's rarest tortoise or tortoise species is after I saw something on youtube. I looked online and the answers varied, but I was curious on what people at TFO thought.
  7. tortoiseluvr

    Alfalfa Pellets

    I was reading a thread and somebody was asking about alfalfa pellets, so I think I should share my experience to warn all other tortoise owners about buying alfalfa pellets. Most experienced people know the dangers of alfalfa pellets but I was surprised to see how many books recommended them. I...
  8. tortoiseluvr

    Dent in shell

    I was taking pictures of my sulcata today and noticed two dents on both sides of his shell almost directly across from each other. It almost looks like someone was holding him there with their fingers and left a mark. I have no idea what caused it but I was hoping someone else might. It is...
  9. tortoiseluvr


    I have a sulcata and I am working on improving his diet and I noticed that wheatgrass is readily available at my grocery store (safe for human and tortoise consumption). Is this ok or healthy for him?
  10. tortoiseluvr

    New Member

    Hi everyone- I have 3 tortoises and I thought I would introduce myself and tortoises to everyone. I have two pancakes that are both female (purchasing male this month). Their names are Tess and Mamie (how I got the names is a long story). I have had Tess since April and Mamie came in...