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  1. MichaelL

    Last Person Loses!

    I was just thinking, after seeing that other thread made by Technocheese. I just made up this game since i was bored, perfect for this forum. Since there are so many different weeds and greens to feed our tortoises, I want to make a game where we each have to name a different green/weed that is...
  2. MichaelL

    Over calcified eggs?

    Hello everyone. The last two eggs my leopard gecko laid were above ground, and had a very thick outer layer. I initially thought they were infertile because of how strange the situation was, but I candled them and they are most definitely fertile. All my past eggs haven't has such a thick...
  3. MichaelL

    Anyone know this weed?

    It's sort of fuzzyish, there is a good amount of it around the ground.
  4. MichaelL

    Can a tortoise tan?

    This may seem like a stupid question at first- However, I really want to know if a tortoises skin color or shell color will change over time with more sun exposure. Like, if you had the same looking tortoise, except one was kept outside with full sun everyday for years, would it look more gold/...
  5. MichaelL

    Can My Tortoise Overeat Or Become Fat?

    I've seen numerous people ask this question, and I just wanted to answer it in a post so that when people search up this question they find a quick, easy answer. The short answer is no, ONLY if the care is right. If you are caring properly for your tortoise (correct diet, lots of space) then...
  6. MichaelL

    Share Pics Of All Your Weeds!!

    As tortoise owners we have to take advantage of allll the different weeds around us, and it is so much fun to go out and get so many different types to feed your tortoise/s. I want to see some pics of all the different weeds you guys gather!! Here are a couple pics of some weeds I get. I'd love...
  7. MichaelL

    Controlling Grass

    What do you guys do, for your non grass eating species, when grass begins to take over your enclosure? It begins to block out the weeds and is difficult to walk on as it grows super tall for the russians.
  8. MichaelL

    Anyone know this one?

    Anyone know this weed, and if so, can the tortoises eat it? Really hope so, as you can see there is a lot of it.
  9. MichaelL

    My male russian has gotten on my nerves...

    I love my tortoises, but sometimes they just get on your last nerve.. Especially my male. Last year he was great, eating all the weeds I gave him, active, personable, had good even growth.. This year he has been very annoying. My females come over from across the pen when I bring the pile of...
  10. MichaelL

    Okay To Breed Different Russian Tortoise Subspecies?

    Hello all. I've heard some conflicting info on this subject. So I have had a hunch that my younger Russian is a rustmovi (spelling lol?) I bought her so that she would be a breeder female, but started realizing later that she had the rustmovi qualities (notice how the widest part of her shell is...
  11. MichaelL

    How Do I Put A Quote/Write Something Under My Posts?

    I'm not new, just wasn't sure where to ask this question. Hopefully it'll get moved if it's in the wrong spot. I was wondering, how am I able to write a quote, or all the pets I have or anything, that will show up in light gray below anything I post? Like Tom has his knowledge and wisdom...
  12. MichaelL

    Leopard Geckos Hatching!

    The first leopard geckos of the season are hatching! Would trade leo gecko eggs for tortoise eggs anyday though, lol.
  13. MichaelL

    Possible parasites?

    My russians have been having very wet poops, that sometimes stink pretty bad too.. for a while now. They haven't had a change in diet, and their diet is good, too. It's pretty much mainly weeds, then occasionally flowers, collards, romaine. When they poop, the poop can be very drippy and not...
  14. MichaelL

    Anybody On This Forum From Russian Tortoises Native Range?

    I saw a thread on leopards in South Africa.. People lived in the native range of leopard tortoises, and were on this forum and for some reason that struck out to me as super cool. That would be so awesome if there were people on this forum who have seen Russian Tortoises in the wild, and live in...
  15. MichaelL

    Anyone know this one?

    Plantsnap told me it was bitter lettuce.. Want to get some more opinions though, not really convinced it is bitter lettuce. It has flowers sort of like dandelions and sow thistle, with many clusters of the yellow flowers that turn into white fuzz. This one was the top part ripped off, there are...
  16. MichaelL

    Something I Did During Quarantine...

    So much free time... I decided to draw something to put up on the wall, as I've always wanted to get a poster like this. Let's try to find someone with at least five of the species on the poster 😅 😅
  17. MichaelL

    Would This Enclosure Be Good For Three Russians?

    I was looking on Craigslist and found this dog kennel, for $175. I have been wanting to give my russians an upgrade and was wondering if this would be good, and any adjustments I would have to make to it to accomodate them. I probably would have to make a covering, and something that doesn't...
  18. MichaelL

    Happy National Gopher Tortoise Day!!!!

    I think it's awesome to have a day to celebrate these awesome creatures, and I'm so glad we have a native tortoise species here in Florida that is relatively common in their specific habitat, as many people don't have any tortoises around where they live. Enjoy these pics of some of the Gopher...
  19. MichaelL

    Awesome Pic Found On Internet

    Just look at this picture! Found it on the internet, made it my computer background haha.
  20. MichaelL

    Is Red Sorrel Okay For Tortoises?

    There are so many red sorrel plants around here in Fl during the spring time. I have never fed it to the tortoises as I've heard it is very high in oxalates. Then, recently, I've seen on some websites to feed it in moderation. Is it better to just leave it out of the diet because of the amount...