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  1. MichaelL

    Sudan Sulcatas (This never gets old...)

    Love it Tom. The idea of using leaves as a sort of substrate in the brooder box is genius. Bet you never deal with impaction. Super cool.
  2. MichaelL

    Are these male and female ?

    They both look male to me.
  3. MichaelL

    Free baby box turtle

    My bad for coming off strong. Just wanted to clarify.
  4. MichaelL

    My tortoise poop is runny

    Honestly I wouldn't even give them. It's not like it'll kill him or make him sick, but naturally, in the wild they eat more dry, fibrous things and cucumbers are the opposite of that. If you really want to give cucumbers for some reason, I would not give more than once every few weeks. Also...
  5. MichaelL

    My tortoise poop is runny

    Get rid of the cucumbers. That may stop the runny poop, and cucumbers aren't meant for russians.
  6. MichaelL

    You know you have a tortoise when...

    When you look at a weed-filled yard and think of the endless food supply..
  7. MichaelL

    Help with Identifying this Tortoise please.

    I'm not sure what species, but it's not a tortoise.
  8. MichaelL

    A little advice on a a russian i just rescued

    One is a russian, the other isn't.
  9. MichaelL

    Free baby box turtle

    Any turtle or tortoise ends up being expensive. With the cage requirements, food, etc. it is not something that's free. So if you are looking to find something cheap and free, you need to see that you'll end up spending lots of money either way.
  10. MichaelL

    Soaking and age guesses?

    Tom's right. Also, hopefully you're able to help the pyramiding a little.
  11. MichaelL

    My tortoise poop is runny

    It can be from a change in diet, a diet not high enough in fiber, or parasites.
  12. MichaelL

    Comment by 'MichaelL' in media '302C35DC-8727-4F4B-B450-119D64FACF4E.jpeg'

    Also, they need something bigger than a tank to truly thrive. They are a species that loves to roam and explore, and in tanks it limits their abilities, causing them to hide most of the day. Preferably a tortoise table made out of wood is recommended, 4x8 feet.
  13. MichaelL

    Comment by 'MichaelL' in media '302C35DC-8727-4F4B-B450-119D64FACF4E.jpeg'

    So it IS a russian tortoise. They label "Testudo" because of the genus, which includes greek tortoises, Hermanns, etc. But this is a russian. They need a diet mainly of weeds and flowers. I wouldn't start off with lettuces because they will eat it and love it, but get picky and sort of addicted...
  14. MichaelL

    New Russian Tortoise Parent Here!

    You're gonna love your russian more as the time goes on. Some things I would tell a new owner are; -don't feed romaine or lettuces a lot in the beginning- they'll get addicted and picky -go big for enclosures, they use the space (I assume you already have an enclosure though, but if you ever...
  15. MichaelL

    Outdoor enclosure for Russian

    First, night dips in temperature are natural for russians and perfectly fine. As long as it doesn't get below fifty, don't bring it in. Also, I think the hide is great as well as the shade roof thing. Once you add the plants and weeds and the water pit to the enclosure, it's ready to go! When...
  16. MichaelL

    Why do some of my babies have pyramiding and some do not

    This may sound pretty stupid, but it is just a guess. So the two that are pyramiding have blackish carapaces. Maybe they heat up faster because of the black, drawing in the light more, and because of this, any moisture on the shell evaporates quicker? If it isn't that, I have a feeling it is...
  17. MichaelL

    Weird shell growth really worried

    Most likely no. It shouldn't, lots of russians come in imported with small old shell rot spots like that and it never causes a problem or becomes one.
  18. MichaelL

    Is it normal for turtles to go days without eating?

    What about live food? I've heard earthworms almost always work. If they are still not eating with the live food, idk. Maybe someone else recognizes a problem.
  19. MichaelL

    What I Fed My Tortoise Today...

    Love it! There's something satisfying about making a tortoise's lunch and watching it fill up on healthy greens🤣 I'm sure you've heard my list of foods in another thread, but I'll say it again just for others too:) Also, you're tortoises look great, love the non pyramided shells. So I have fed...
  20. MichaelL

    Gopher tortoise for sale?

    That does appear to be a gopher tortoises by the small photo I can see, and they would get a HUGE fine if caught.