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  1. DJ Kirk

    After over a year FINALLY....

    ... got my redfoot "Taco" to eat out of my hand regularly That is all Just sharing
  2. DJ Kirk

    Orange Day Lily toxic?

    Orange Day Lily (Hemerocallis fulva) OK to feed Redfoots this flower? It's gone crazy growing on our property. Flowers only last a day and are bright orange with some yellow. My neighbors refer to them as "tiger lily" but I don't think that's right. Tiger Lily (Lilium lancifolium) are...
  3. DJ Kirk

    Outdoor "DAY" enclosure

    Finally built a new day enclosure for my 1 yr old redfoot June -Sept is the only viable time I can get the little turd outside and I'll never leave him out overnight - too many raccoons, skunks, and cats in my neighbourhood. First day out today as the temp was +85F and high humidity makes it...
  4. DJ Kirk


    Both my 18" T5's blew out yesterday - ON THE SAME DAY? Unbelievable. What are the odds? Usually wouldn't bother me as if I order a new one on Amazon I get it in 1-2 days. But now? Amazon says May 24 - 27 window! Hopefully my shelled friends will be OK in the dark for a week! LOL 🐢🌘💡
  5. DJ Kirk

    Good growth? Weight?

    My hatchling RF (well almost a year old) went from 5.3oz to 7.4oz in just 2 months And gained 0.5" in length Personally, I think that pretty good for 60 days Just wondering what some of the RF experts here think?
  6. DJ Kirk

    Toronto Reptile Expo

    February 23, 2020 DON'T BOTHER!!! Unless you want to buy over-priced ball pythons avoid this disaster. Thousands of ball pythons for sale but I could only find one (1!!!!!!!) tortoise. Hermann's hatchling and they wanted $1700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking for an arboreal python or boa -...
  7. DJ Kirk

    Do Red foots get picky?

    So I'm offering everything to my RF but it seems to only be interested in zucchini. I've tried everything lately - dried and fresh flowers, lettuce/chard/chicory/etc, dandelions, bananas, strawberries, egg, chicken, pre-made pellets - everything under the sun but it picks through the pile and...
  8. DJ Kirk

    Pomengranate seeds?

    Are pomengranate seeds OK for red foots to eat??
  9. DJ Kirk

    Eating Pothos

    My RF hatchling has lately taken to nibbling the pothos. This morning it chowed down and about 3 broad leaves were chewed right off the vine. He feeds everyday on a variety of greens and veggies offered. This hatchling is eating waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I have researched. What a pig! LOL
  10. DJ Kirk

    Custom Enclosure

    So I got a red foot about a month ago. Table wasn't working because of low humidity. I researched all the PVC and custom enclosures out there. They were way too expensive! For the size I need the cheapest was $700 and the most expensive was $1200. So I decided to build my own. I think it worked...
  11. DJ Kirk

    Hatchling behaviour

    So we've had Taco for about a week - it's about 3" in length right now - good size enclosure (4.5'x2.5') for a least a few years I think. Temps are constant day between 80-90 and night between 70-80 depending on where in the enclosure and humidity is on the lower end but is constant around...
  12. DJ Kirk


    Huge thanks to all on this wonderful forum and all it's excellent advice! We recently purchased a 3 month old redfoot and found the last week it doing nothing but hiding - not eating or anything. The tips of bathing daily and buying a infared thermometer were huge - since we have been soaking...
  13. DJ Kirk

    Live plants in with red foot?

    Are pothos and lemon coral OK? I can't find them on the list but I want to be sure
  14. DJ Kirk


    I know red-foots can eat mulberry plants but what about leaves from the "weeping mulberry tree"? We have 3 of these tress on our property and can pick leaves whenever we want.
  15. DJ Kirk


    New member here from Ontario, Canada Just acquired a red foot tortoise after having Midland Yellow Painted turtles all my life but now sick of all the water and aquariums after my last midland died last month. Looking forward to years with my red foot and on this forum I will have...