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    My substrate is super infested with gnats. there on it, in it, and flying. what can I do?
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    Southern hospitality & prickly pear cactus

    Riding down the road today I see some cacti by the road. So I stop and ask for a piece. The fellow tells me to take it all. Or stop and get it anytime I want. So I grab a few pieces.
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    Plant id from alabama

    Leaves are very stiff
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    Whats jessie eating?

    Is the weed safe Jessie's eating? Alabama
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    I have a baby leopard. I read it's OK to feed kudzu. I have unlimited access to kudzu here in Alabama. Is it OK? And how often?
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    Outdoor ebt enclousure from trashpile

    Well I got some more old boards today from the trashpile at work. And had this old concrete planter. Took a few hours to put it together. I'll work on a top tomorrow.
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    Breeders in alabama or turtle rescue

    Looking for breeder in Alabama or adoption in alabama
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    Moss in the woods ?

    Is this the same as Sphagnum moss? It's all in the woods here .
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    Helping out a ebt

    Headed to work this mourning I came across 3 box turtles. Not in the same place but same back road. So I helped them out. I only took pics of one.
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    Uv led

    I had posted this in health. But here would of been a better choice I think. Has anyone used uv leds? They would save on cost, easy, and fun to DIY. And they don't put out much heat.
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    Diy tortise box build

    He guys, I'm doing my homework before I get a tortoise. And I need to get a proper enclosure set up before winter. I want a redfoot by the way. So I'm a DIY kind of guy . There's a dump behind where I work. Suppose to be just wood, limbs, leaves and such. Anyways, I went back to scout out what...
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    Uv led

    Has anyone tried led uv lights to replace uv bulbs? Not only is it more cost efficient , it puts out less heat. A DIY led setup can be done pretty cheap or not. Depending if you want to add a meanwell driver for dimming or such.
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    Hello, im john from alabama

    Hello, I'm John and want to get our family a tortoise. We have Eastern box turtles ever where here. Actually my dog had 1 the other day playing with it. But I think I want something bigger. I keep saltwater aquariums, and have 2 dogs. So we like pets here. I research to no end once I get...