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    not letting a tortoise walk on the floor

    I read from some resources that we should not let our tortoise walk on the floor indoors because they could get RI?How can that happen? Help is appreciated!
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    Pesticide free grass sod

    Hey guys I wanted know if I could pesticide free grass sod or if you guys just plant seeds.Is it ok for tortoises to graze on grass with pesticides?[hr] If I were to buy seeds what kind of grass should I buy?I live in SOCAL Los Angeles
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    Please help

    Hi guys I need help.My sulcata tortoise makes a squeaking noise when he moves his neck and sometimes he has spasms.He like jerks his whole body. Thanks
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    Toucan Jungle

    Hey guys I was wondering if Toucan Jungle is a real Aldabra seller.I saw o ntheir site that they were selling 4 inch Aldabs for 1650.00.Does Toucan Jungle have a good or bad rep? Thanks guys
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    Sulcata biting arm?

    Hey guys I just saw today that my sulcata was trying to bite its arm for some reason?? Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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    my sulcata

    When my Sulcata bites his lower jaw gets stuck on his beak then slips off but when he does it makes a clicking sound and he seems annoyed.He is a hatchling so I don't know if it is a problem with trimming his beak??
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    lol theres hatchlings that are 1200 and juveniles 17500 i think..Isn't that too cheap
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    Aldabra Care Sheet

    Hey people can anyone give me a link or information about the Aldabra tortoise because I am thinking of getting one at the Pomona/Fairplex Los angeles super expo thingy. Thanks!
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    Selling 1 sulcata hatchling

    email me at [email protected] if you are interested (i reside los angeles)
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    Can I feed my tortoise sweet potatoes

    uh yea the ones with the yello inside and the kinda red skin
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    I'm trying to find a torotise vet

    Hey guys i'm trying to find a trotoise vet in LA CA better if in west LA
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    One of my sulcata tortoise's eyes are usually closed when the other one is open

    Hey I have a few months old sulcata hatchling that i got from the pet store Reptile Depot in Chatsworth LA and I was wondering why one of my tortoise's eyes are closed sometimes when the other one is open.I use eco earth and play sand mixture but the pet store was using desert snow and I was...