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    Mini Margie

    My only worry...will he/she be teased?
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    7" Marginated male for Adult male Ibera

    Looking to trade this smooth shelled, perfect, roughly 7" Marginated male in perfect health for an Adult male Ibera greek. Pics a must. email [email protected]
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    Male T. g. anamurensis

    Looking for a male black greek (anamurensis) to pair with my female. email [email protected]
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    Adult Male Marginated and Ibera

    Looking for an adult male Marginated and adult male Ibera Greek(preferably dark in coloration) tortoise to add to my colonies. Email [email protected] Thanks!
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    Looking for an adult male Leopard tortoise. Cash paid. email [email protected]
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    Another I.D.

    For Danny, or whoever: She is 7 1/2 inches and probably 95% coal black. Thanks
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    Looking for a large, hi-white adult male Leopard tortoise. Will trade the pictures Sri Lankan Star, and/or other tortoises, or cash. Email [email protected] Also looking for Western Hermann's(t.h. hermanni) pairs or single females.
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    Adult male Greek - Testudo graeca antakyensis

    Flawless male. Very friendly and outgoing. Healthy and feeding well on greens and weeds. $125 or trade for ? Looking for a male dalmation (t.h. hercegovinensis) email [email protected]
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    Sex t.g. antakyan?

    Dan, or anyone: You previously identified these as t.g.anyakyan. Can anyone hazard a guess as to the sex of these 4?
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    Wanted: Adult Male Hermann's Tortoise

    Looking for an adult male dalmation( Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis). Will trade adult male Eastern( t.h.boettgeri) or cash. email [email protected]
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    Wanted: Adult Male Leopard Tortoise

    Looking for an adult male Leopard tortoise. Hi-White a plus, but will consider all. email [email protected]
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    Greek tort ID

    Can anyone (Dan?) identify this Greek for me? He is apparently at least 8 years old, and only 5 1/2"