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    One of the babies died suddenly

    My 5 torts from Chris have been doing great, but today one id dead. She was dead by the water container, and I am puzzled as to why? She was eating last night, although several nights ago she appeared lethargic and my wife found her once last week flipped over. The only change in the...
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    Enclosure live plants ideas/thoughts

    Are there any live plants that any of you have been able to successfully keep alive in your torts enclosure? I have some fake plants, would be cool to be able to have any live plants in there. Any suggestions?
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    Help needed - left western hermanns soaking overnight

    My westerns are 5 months old, and last night we mistakenly left them soaking overnight. They seem to be perfectly fine, anything I need to look for or anything I can do to make sure they are OK?
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    3 feet light fixture for a Kages custom enclosure

    I ended up with one of these enclosures for my Hermann babies, so far I love the fit and finish! I siliconed the bottom of it, patiently waiting for it to dry and the smell to go away. I am trying to locate a slim UVB light strip that I can mount to the top of the enclosure, and given that the...
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    Any feedback on this enclosure?

    Planning to use it to house 3 to 5 hermann's hatchlings for the near future, would this be suitable: I found it locally, thinking it would be better that a rubbermaid or one of those Zoo med tort...
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    New owner seeking set up feedback

    I got three awesome western hermann's from Chris (by the way, the guy is incredible with this passion for these awesome creatures and willingness to help!) and I am looking for some feedback for my set up. Currently using: ZooMed Turtle tortoise house (i know this might not be idea due to...