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  1. Gerards

    Is it winter?

    Bronto was enjoying the 80 degree weather outside today.
  2. Gerards

    New Westerns

    This beautiful, Apulia locality, pair of westerns just arrived from These guys just blew me away, and they're not even close to the color they will be. So cool!
  3. Gerards

    Bronto, having a soak in the sun.

    This guy is by far the coolest animal I've ever had the privilege of caring for. I named it Bronto, as in Brontosaurus, meaning thunder. It's crazy how quickly they grow, 12 grams last week. I am definitely going to get some more next year.
  4. Gerards

    My new Galapagos

    I picked up the first one a couple weeks ago. I haven't thought of a name yet, maybe after I get the second one I will have better ideas. This little guy is the coolest turtle I've ever had, although my daughter will argue it's the coolest turtle SHE'S ever had.
  5. Gerards

    Albino Snapping Army

    These guys are just crazy.....
  6. Gerards

    Albino Red Ear Slider

    The original is still one of the nicest morphs. This is a 4 months old female holdback.
  7. Gerards

    Melanistic Red Ear Slider

    I was finally able to make a deal for this guy. It's a really crazy looking morph, the combos are going to be so cool.
  8. Gerards

    Albino Map Turtle

    My friend let me take some pics of this killer female. This is a very special girl, so beautiful.
  9. Gerards

    Pelusios Andansonii

    We also got a 2.2 group of these beautiful pelusios in, too. They are very pretty turtles, and have also started feeling already. I am very excited about African muds right now.
  10. Gerards

    Pelusios Gabonensis

    I just got my first group in this morning. These guys are so amazing, really cool turtle to see in person. All 5 are just over 4" and already feeding on mazuri. I'll take some better pics once they settle in.
  11. Gerards

    Albino Short-Neck Turtle

    These guys are always looking good.
  12. Gerards

    Albino Ferox

    My dad and I have the same favorite turte, and it's this girl. She is so cool, and now she's a mom. It should be about 2 years for us to hatch out the first cbb albinos.
  13. Gerards

    Albino Eastern River Cooter

    This girl is a beast, and just keeps getting better looking everyday. I can't wait to see her full grown.
  14. Gerards

    Pastel het Albino

    This girl is so nice.
  15. Gerards

    New hatchlings in...

    I just picked these guys up from a buddy of mine. They're pretty sweet!
  16. Gerards

    Albino Snappers

    I just picked these guys up and snapped a couple quick pics to share. They're pretty amazing turtles!
  17. Gerards

    Which way did he go?

    These guys are eating and looking very active. Hopefully they'll do well...
  18. Gerards

    This one just blows me away

    I cant wait to hatch one of these out in the future...
  19. Gerards

    Albino Hieroglyphic Cooter

    This girls off to Live with Mike. I will miss her....
  20. Gerards

    Hatching pics

    The caramel pinks and snows are so sweet.