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  1. Yo Adrien

    RF hatchlings are here!

    After much research on TFO, my enclosure is done, temps are in 80s daytime/70s @ night (TY @ZEROPILOT! :) ), humidity 80+% everywhere, and a biosubstrate with many plants, earthworms and roly-poly bugs, my darling hatchlings are here from Vicki @ Tortoise Yard.
  2. Yo Adrien

    RF hatchling enclosure

    Hello All, I have spent many hours on here reading on tortoise needs for various types and decided on RF, mostly due to my climate. Then decided on hatchlings. This is my daughter's old bookcase, 44"X28" lined with linoleum (shelves too!). It is 2/3 covered, no problem with humidity in coastal...
  3. Yo Adrien

    How do you know if a breeder is reputable?

    I am looking to purchase either a Redfoot or Russian yearling/juvenile and I am unsure how to tell if the breeder is raising them properly just from a website?! I see frequently to avoid "trade show" torts, but a local breeder I am considering will be at a local show here soon. (?) I looked at...
  4. Yo Adrien

    New member (but have read and researched on this site for several years)

    Hello All, I have finally signed up after reading on here for years. A little background; my daughter, now 21, had wanted a Russian tortie since she was 10yo! I finally got her a 2 yr old RT from a local breeder in Tampa, FL several years ago, and of course, had to do major research on...