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    Pair of Sulcata

    I have a 12" Male and a 9" Female..$400 for the pair or make me an offer. Local only please. I'm in Taunton, Ma.
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    piggy back

    "give me some of that UVB" crap blackberry pic.
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    Sulcata in Ri.
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    Redfoot in Boston
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    Doesn't sound good.
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    Another rescue

    Had a woman contact me about giving this guy a new home..going to get him tonight.
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    New Russian Rescue

    I had a woman contact me about taking in a Russian that someone had pretty much dumped on her.The only history I have on him is that he's about 10 yrs. old, and was fed cooked carrotts..,yikes. He needs his nails clipped,and beak filed badly.[hr] Hmmm, I dont have any idea why that pic is...
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    RF with an under bite

    Picked this guy up yesterday.He has an under bite but other wise seems ok.I'll try to get a good pic,but my blackberry takes horrible pics.[hr] a cpl. better pics.
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    Galapagos Tort Arizona CL

    Thought someone might be interested
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    Is this an Egyptian Tort?

    I'm addicted to surfing CL and came across this add in Nh. Does that look like an Egyptian to anyone?..I'm thinking Russian
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    Russian Male in Ma.

    I just saw a CL add, someone looking to give their russian male a new home for free...It's on CL western Ma, the town of Monson