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    Pair of Sulcata

    I have a 12" Male and a 9" Female..$400 for the pair or make me an offer. Local only please. I'm in Taunton, Ma.
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    C. guttata hatchlings

    Those are beautiful Terry...good luck with them.
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    Whats this water falling from the sky?

    My Moms 1 of my best friends....You have a beautiful yard
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    Love it JD! I can't wait to get out in the yard and get some work done.
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    I am going tortoise-watching in Africa!

    Neil Peart (drummer for RUSH) did the same thing and wrote a book about it
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    Jason also played in that movie with Mark Wahlburg and Jennifer (if she played her cards right, she could have me) Aniston..*Rockstar*. Zak Wylde and Jeff Pilson (Dokken) were the other band members in the movie. I met Jason at a Zildjian Cymbal event back in '85 or '86 when he was in a band...
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    What are you listening to?

    I'm age'n myself, but I saw that tour ^^^...after "Justice" I cant stomach them.
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    Red Eared Slider?

    RES get big...the more water the best.figure 10gallons of water for every inch of turtle..ideally you're looking at 120gallon per turtle. They really don't have any business IMO in an aquarium...they're a pond turtle.
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    The drummer is Jason Bohnam..son of John Bohnam (Led Zeppelin)
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    introduction--can u ID the tortoise?

    After 12yrs and he's that small?...I'ld expect him to look sickly and a mess. ...I dont know
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    What's the significance of your tortoise(s)'s name(s)?

    My 2 Sulcata are Sherman and Panzer...Tanks. Russian tort...Vladamir 2 RF my daughter named..Blueberry and Freddy she named my Iguana Frog...I like it To many turtles to name them all
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    Other Pets...

    I have 2 Boxers, a Chihuahua, a cat, parrot, Bearded Dragon, Iguana
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    piggy back

    They'll get 3 high until another 1 decides to knock them over..The bottom 1 is about 1yr old and the other is around 6 months give or take.
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    I'm always tempted to get 1 but the thought of the mess they make changes my mind real quick...I'll just admire yours
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    What are you listening to?

    Coltrane, Muddy Waters, Pantera, Steely Dan, Adele, and Kings-X... for now
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    the new "what do you look like" thread

    I used to get in 30 or so games a yr., but after winning the Series all the college kids think it's cool to go get drunk and be obnoxious..(not to mention the price is crazy now) I only go a cpl times now.
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    the new "what do you look like" thread

    A little to the left of where you're standing Pokeymeg...1st row on the 2nd level.
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    piggy back

    "give me some of that UVB" crap blackberry pic.
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    the new "what do you look like" thread

    I have a pic at Fenway in the exact same spot as that pic up there a cpl post back, but can't find it. Best seats in the house. Anyways, these are all I have (I'm on the left)
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    Canadian Redfoot keepers..... Where you at?

    Nova Scotia...If 1 was to forget a trio or 2 in the trunk..hahahaha