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    1 week since kleinmanni ate

    My bigger kleinmanni has not been eating for about 1 week. Before then he was eating quite a lot but now he is losing weight which concerns me: 16th March - 99g 24th March - 108g 5th April - 98g 12th April - 102g 3rd May - 93g I have been feeding him RepCal, various fresh vegetables available...
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    Male or Female?

    I have an 5cm (1st photo) and 8cm (2nd photo) Kleinmanni. I think the bigger one (2nd photo) is male, smaller (1st photo) is female. Any guesses? Thanks!
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    Sick Kleinmanni? Fishy poop

    I recently got a 5cm Kleinmanni from a reputable store on Friday 20th. As of today Thursday 26th early AM, I noticed that the tortoise has not been eating. Barely eating maybe? From yesterday the 25th, she has been pooping something unusual and fishy smelling. It's yellowish in color (photo...