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    Does this look suitable?

    Does it look OK? Any tips?
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    Banana leaves

    Can Herman's eat green banana leaves?
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    Bottom shell bumpy.

    Is this normal. She's eating and drinking lovely. All temps and lighting are correct. Any suggestions?
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    Water container

    Just wondering am I OK using a plastic tray for their water rather than a terracotta?
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    Is this normal

    Skin peeling. Is this normal. What do I do?
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    Bathing am I doing it right.

    Am I doing it correctly. Warm water and they ssit in it for 10- 15 mins every morning before I go to work?
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    What do you think? (inactive)

    Just got 2 Hermanns 2 weeks ago. Just waking up at the moment. But they haven't been exploring much. They just stay in a corner and sleep. They eat and have a bath every day. Am I doing anything wrong? Or is it normal for babies to sleep soo long. They were hatched in November.