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  1. Dorothy L


    Which substrate do you guys think would be better, coconut coir or orchid bark? I’m getting a baby, not an adult, so answer directed to babies, not adults, please. I just can’t decide which to use, and it’s giving me FITS! Or do you suggest I just use a mixture of both?
  2. Dorothy L

    What to do with a tortoise on vacation?

    What do you do when you go on a vacation and can't take your tortoise? I'm not going on a vacation, but I'm just planning ahead. Do you have someone to care for it? Do you simply take it with you, and if so, how? I'm asking about both longer (1-3 weeks) and shorter (1-3 days) vacations. Please...
  3. Dorothy L

    Questions on Russian tortoise care?

    So, I’m getting a Russian tort in early November, I have most of the care down, but there are things I’m unsure of so I need to ask. 1. What substrate should I use that would be best for the Russian tort? 2. What is the ideal humidity level for a smooth shell and fast growth? 3. What should...
  4. Dorothy L

    Cheap, easy tortoise enclosure cover?

    So, as I will be getting a tortoise, i would like to prepare the enclosure before the tortoise arrives. As I will be getting a baby, I need to keep the humidity, to make sure that it grows quickly with a smooth shell (At least that's what I've gotten from my research). Therefore, I need to learn...
  5. Dorothy L

    Wanted: Russian Tortoise

    Hi, all, I’d like a Russian tortoise, preferably a baby one. I live in Texas, so if someone here lives in Texas and is willing to sell a baby Russian tortoise that would be great. I guess I’d be alright with an adult, but I really want a baby. If someone can sell me one that isn’t in Texas...
  6. Dorothy L

    Hello from Houston, Texas!

    Hi, my name is Dorothy, I'm from Houston, Texas. I really want a Russian Tortoise, and am probably going to buy my own from this site. I'm still a student, but I have plenty of time to care for it. I'm rather introverted, and allergic to most pets, so tortoises are a good choice for me. I've...