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    Burmese star female excellent condition

    Have to sell my beautiful Burmese star tortoise, she is around 200 grams and 3.8". Raised in a warm humid closed enclosure for a amazing smooth perfect carapace and with a good varied diet. Her lines are a beautiful design and well defined, she's very healthy and one of a kind at $1500 shipped...
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    Platynota female perrrrfect!

    Offering "Nova" my exceptionally perfect Burmese star tortoise, she is around 200 grams and 3.8", for being hatched only last Sept 2013 she is going to be huge. I raised her in a warm humid closed enclosure for a amazing smooth perfect carapace and with a good varied diet. Her lines are a...
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    Burmese Star baby

    Selling my well started baby Burmese Star tortoise, I raised her with extra care in closed warm/humid enclosure, this 6 month old temp sexed female has a nice round carapace, perfect scutes, 3.25 inches long, 107 g, hatched October 2013. She has a gentle sweet personality, interacts with people...
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    Crown Queen Jewel "Nova" tattoo?

    Wouldn't her carapace design make a cool tattoo or how about a facet of a rare jewel? Bias for Nova, she is the Queen of nature. :)
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    New closed enclosure for platynota

    New home for my 2 beautiful Burmese star tortoises; Nova and Bloom, they are very healthy and doing excellently. Overall temp constant 80-85 F, basking 100 F, humidity 80-90% Jungle mix and coco for substrate. This 90 gallon aquarium is a little tricky to access for cleaning and assisting the...
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    "History shows again and again How nature points out the folly of men Godzilla". Here is a pic of my prehistoric Godzilla, NOVA :)
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    My Myanmar Star girls

    Yeah I'm a proud daddy, the tortoise in the 2 single tortoise pics is Nova, the other smaller Star is Bloom, the species is called PLATYNOTA cool name, sounds like something from outer space :) Nova and Bloom are breed by Larry G in NYC. If your looking for a Sri lankan Star or Burmese...
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    Nova and Bloom Platynota new pics!

    Nova and Bloom were hatched last October 2013 and they still have gorgeous smooth shells and solid weight. The mazuri is there valentine candy :P Nova is 100g today and Bloom is not far behind. These nice pics of my female Stars are my Valentines gift for all T.F. members, enjoy! :cool:
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    Bloom and Nova my Platynota babies

    Sharing these 2 pics I took of my 2 little girls Bloom and Nova. Nova at 75g was hatched Sept 2013 and Bloom at 50g was hatched November 2013. They are being raised with daily soakings and live in a warm humid closed enclosure so they develop smooth shells. Their so cute and gorgeous I love...
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    Choosing a cool Burmese star name.

    I recently picked up my dream tortoise and I want to pick a really cool name. My girlfriend and I went through too many names but we both like NOVA or BLOOM. My tortoise is a Burmese star tortoise hatchling. How many like the name NOVA? "Nova" is a sudden brightening of a star. and how...
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    Why do Burmese star babies have a bump on their beak?

    Hello fellow tort lovers, don't hate me but I now own the cutest and smartest tortoise in the world. She is a Burmese star hatchling female hatched Sept 2013. In the past I've owned I owned Leopards, Burmese black mountains and Sri Lankan stars but this tiny Burmese star has more personality...
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    Star Tortoise Information Thread

    Are you looking for more reliable information about the Star tortoise species? I am too, so please post on my thread any information, links, websites, and pics about the Star tortoises. I am fortunate to own these 3 beautiful female Sri Lankans in the pics below. They are 10 months old and...
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    Wanted-Sri Lankan Star Male babies

    Hello, I am looking for one or two male Sri Lankan Star hatchlings/babies. I already have 3 females from Larry G. but now I am looking for a male or two from a different bloodline around same age or younger. Below is a pic of my 9 month old female named "Galaxy" Thank you. :)
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    Sri Lankan's have arrived!

    Hello, my 3 female Sri Lankan Star hatchlings arrived healthy and well today. They were bred by Larry G. in New York, who is well know to be an expert on this species and an honest man. Larry G. is someone you can trust.
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    Star for sale, low price?

    Anyone looking to buy a Star? If this ad is true, it is a great price! :D
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    Happy Valentines Day

    Happy Valentines Day all you tortoises lovers, you rock! :D
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    Craigslist saved my Sassy

    I Patrick, friend of the tortoise have bought some exotic birds and reptiles at different seasons of my life. I have re homed them too using local internet ads like Craigslist and Kijiji E bay I am NOT ashamed of it because I am not narrow minded. I thank God those sites are available for us...
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    [split] concerned about leg scales

    Do the legs on this mountain look normal? Not foam but a clear mucus just before a pee, only seen it one time. Is 6" cb, 3yr old sex unknown thank you
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    Hinge-back carapace issue???

    Hello, does anyone know if these carapaces look normal? What concerns me is the white areas that look like damage to the carapace, or flaking. I wonder if they were bit by a dog. Someone is letting these 2 females go for for $50.00 for both and I and worried if maybe they have some kind of...
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    Indoor light set up, need help

    Hello, I am in need of some advice with my lighting set up for 3 female Sri Lankan Star hatchlings I am getting in February. I did not buy any lights yet. This question is only about UVA and UVB and not heating/basking in the enclosure. I live in Chicago area and the climate for most of the...