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  1. naturalman91

    Anyone familar with Reptile Basics vendor?

    Is anyone familar with reptile basics website for lights and such? They have some great prices just hoping it's not to good to be true Here is the site
  2. naturalman91

    Mess with the turtle they said, it'll be funny they said

    Lol found on Google images by a friend who googled snapping turtle bites
  3. naturalman91

    New closed chamber

    Hey everyone it's been a while since I've really posted anything so I thought I'd show you guys my new closed chamber! Definitely the one I'm most proud of lol my red foot isn't in it yet due to letting it dry and air out it's 6ftx2 1/2ftx2ft tall I'm at right about 140 and some change for...
  4. naturalman91

    Heat Cables

    does anyone have any experience with waterproof heat cables under the substrate to raise humidity? my plan is to put the coco coir on top and use the cable on a thermostat to help raise humidity looking for any thoughts on this or good brands of cables to sue
  5. naturalman91

    Reptisun 10.0 T5 thoughts?

    so basically im just looking for opinions on the Reptisun 10.0 T5 tube fluorescent bulb im currently use Arcadia 12% UVB but it's costly and takes a while to come looking to switch to reptisun but wanted opinions on it
  6. naturalman91

    sudden burst in activity and appetite in redfoot

    so lately i've noticed a sudden burst in activity and appetite from my redfoot who's 2 1/2 years old a little over 5 inches just wonder if anyone has any input that may help he's kept in a closed chamber at 85% humidity with a thermostat set at 80 for ambient heat and soaked 3 times a week and...
  7. naturalman91

    Sulcata x redfoot hybrid

    let me just start by saying NOT MINE NOR DO I CONDONE THIS my view on the subject is leave them pure scrolling around earlier on facebook and this was posted on a redfoot page someone claiming it to be a sulcata redfood hybrid i just thought i'd show everyone here, i've seen sulcata leopard...
  8. naturalman91

    different sources of heat besides CHE/RED lights

    so i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out a different source of heat besides CHE's or Red bulbs i'm looking for something that spreads a little more evenly with no focus point CHE's even have a slight focus point 
  9. naturalman91

    Maybe moving and have questions

    so i maybe moving here soon back to the south Louisiana to be specific to be closer to family it's just me and my mom in oregon, i had the question of how could i get my tortoise there? it's going to take me 2-3 day's on a bus to get there so it's not like i can pack him up and take him and i...
  10. naturalman91

    mild pyramiding? can't quite tell

    so lately i've been wondering if my tort has mild pyramiding that i've missed because i look at him every day what does everyone think? he's 2 as of march 4th his humidity is always in the 80% range normally 85% his thermostat for ambient temps is set at 84F and he's soaked twice a week for 30...
  11. naturalman91

    The Reptile Community tear's itself apart

    so lately i've been meeting more and more people that are in the reptile community with all different type's of reptiles and one thing i've noticed is there seems to be a lot of bashing and hating on people for doing things a certain way even if it works for them with proven results and i don't...
  12. naturalman91

    plant identification

    i was searching on google for nice busy plants under the search "outdoor tortoise enclosure" and i came up with this anyone know what it is? i like the looks and would use it
  13. naturalman91

    outdoor redfoot plants for shadey canopy?

    other red foot lovers i need some suggestions on outdoor plants that could help create a nice shady canopy like redfoot's are used to I'm located in Medford oregon and ideally any big shrubby plants be able to grow in a bucket or big pot so i can remove them when i take my enclosure down in...
  14. naturalman91

    alternatives to terracotta sauce water dish?

    does anyone know any good low sided alternatives to plant sauce water dishes? i've been getting a bunch of seepers lately that slowly lose water as if they are porous
  15. naturalman91

    what to do to keep busy on 2day bus ride

    so this coming march i'm taking a bus allllll the way from southern oregon to Alexandria louisiana for my brother's wedding i've taken a bus from here to arkansas but this add's about 12 hours so what would you do to pass the time
  16. naturalman91

    water turtles

    first off sorry if it's in the wrong place ok so i know the answer to this is probably gonna be none but i was wondering if there's any species of water turtles that stay relatively small enough to be kept in a 55g i have a empty 55g tank just staring at me in the living room not really a...
  17. naturalman91

    new sliding doors

    so im not sure if anyone remembers my greenhouse enclosure well it split right down the middle. turns out constant exposure to head and humidity makes the tarping plastic become brittle it i had a spare 2x4 enclosure that i made into a emergency enclosure as there was no saving the...
  18. naturalman91

    how not to go crazy around family during the holiday season

    any tips? lol that time of year is here again and all of my family is around even the ones that make me nuts lol in my family im the "crazy reptile guy" lol
  19. naturalman91

    question about redfoot flashing

    are male redfoots known to be flashers? and around what age or size would you say this starts?
  20. naturalman91

    humidity gauge with probe?

    im looking for a humidity gauge that would allow me to see the humidity % on the outside of the cage