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    my table and reptile rack

    Nice enclosures, Have you thought about putting a cover over part of the redfoot enclosure to help with the humidity. I used plastic lids from my storage tubs, it helped.
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    new indoor enclosure

    Thank you and not a problem.
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    out of their box

    I agree my inside torts only get to roam when they are outside catching the rays
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    Beardie question

    I think, if I have sexed them right I have two boys. One I am sure of, but the smaller one I am pretty sure. Question, when they are adults can two boys live peacefully together, if there are no females around? They will be in a 125 gallon tank. I wasn't sure, I was thinking no but if...
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    Add some squash, zuchinni, or carrots to the garden then they will get there veggies. Betts if you buy non organic plants from the nursery, make sure you let them set in the ground for few months to get rid of all the fertilizers and pesticides.
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    Am I feeding the right diet?

    I would give less kale, and go with mustard or collard greens, endive or escrole instead of kale. You can still give kale but occasionally not as a staple part of the diet. I don't tend to give fruits, I usually go with the flowers instead.
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    Temporary Enclosure for Hatchling Red Foot Tortoise - Questions?

    Mater is adorable, good luck with her.
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    Oh Maggie, I am so sorry. That is horrible, I wonder what could have happened. I'm so sorry **HUGS**
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    The neatest tortoise replicas I have EVER seen

    To bad I didn't see those before I got my first tort, I would have saved a lot of money :) $70 seems way cheaper then what I've spent over the years. Although I would never be able to replace my torts.
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    I fell in love

    Hi and welcome to the forum. If you tell us where you are located then we can refer you to a rescue that adopts out desert torts. You would half to have your yard setup for the tort before one of them would adopt a desert tort to you. Yes they are illegal to take from the wild, but they are...
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    Hi and welcome to the forum, your little Squeaker is adorable.
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    New thread for pictures

    I love the pictures Maggie.
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    All of my torts love hibiscus and they usually have them gobbled in seconds, I scored my neighbor just told me I can have all of his roses off of the rose bushes and he doesn't use any chemicals :)
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    more misc pics

    The water dish is a little pond that they sell for like $10 @ home depot or other improvement stores. Plants: geraniums, holyhock, grapevines, the rest are seeds that I planted, although the russian pen has not really sprouted this year, the baby DT pen is all seeds and it is completly...
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    Few pictures;

    Very cute Leos Kyle, I like the greens as well and the cute puppy.
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    New tort owner questions

    Hello and welcome. The link Maggie gave you is a great website loaded with information. It also gives you a list of edible plants. When soaking you should use a container with sides, so they can't get out. I don't soak my adults because they drink everyday. I do soak my babies everyday...
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    more misc pics

    Thanks everyone, Yvonne, There are 3 different subspecies in there you were right. There are 3 rustomovi females and 1 male, 2 horsfieldii females and 1 male, and then the lonely kazachstanica male. I know I spelled kakastan wrong but I was not in the mood to look it up. The 3 on the...
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    T. h. hercegovinensis update

    Beautiful babies and parents
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    more misc pics

    Here are a few more pics, My tort xing sign... All the russians The almost 2 yr old DTs Sulcatas