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    My 2nd Red Foot died :(

    Gypsy died Before we buy another I want to make sure we get from a better place - they were both fed right, lighting was right, heating right, but both died - both from same place. They are buried together near a rose bush Hope they are happy over the rainbow bridge We do want another...
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    Gypsy in the Florida Sun

    Took her out to get some natural UV today - she loved being outside! Nom Nom by Eliza Rain, on Flickr Gypsy in the Sun 2 by Eliza Rain, on Flickr Gypsy in the Sun by Eliza Rain, on Flickr
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    My redfoot is not gaining!

    can I have some protein advice - she gets a tortoise food mix and eggs as of now on 11/07 she was 50 grams on 11/17 she was 56 on 11/30 she was 53 on 12/10 she was 57 on 12/20 she was 54 on 12/27 she was 52 on 01/04 she was 60 on 01/19 she was 62 on 02/04 she was 60 on 03/04 she...
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    Sexing Gypsy

    I know she's a baby - but I was told to post a photo of her belly to you guys and you might be able to tell. They told me she was a "she" Can you tell yet Sexing the tortoise by Eliza Rain, on Flickr Oh and a Tortie Hi soakin by Eliza Rain, on Flickr
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    Sexing a tortoise

    I was told Gypsy was female when I got her. Now I was told it was not 100% What age will I be sure. Should I take photos of the under side of her and share with you? Before I get a 2nd one I want to make sure of Gypsy's sex so I can get the opposite. (tho I do miss Tank, he was a sweetie)
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    Help tortoise gain weight

    Gypsy gets a "salad" every day as well as Mazori pellets every other day - I weigh her once a week. I got her at 50 grams at 12/7 she was 57 grams and now she's back down to 52 grams. she's been going up and down - after losing Tank I want to make sure we don't lose her too! Any tips...
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    Will Gypsy get lonely

    She went from being housed with her siblings to being housed with Tank. They were always cuddled up together. Should I place something in the enclosure for her?
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    Tank died

    I am in the hospital but my husband called this morning to tell me tank died. Yesterday he was fine! Active, eating, drinking, when we took him out he was going as fast as he could. My husband found him in the food dish. We only had him. Month :(
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    Pellets or no Pellets

    I have seen on MULTIPLE pages about the tortoise pellets different answers . 1/2 the pages say they are HORRIBLE and bad for them 1/2 the pages say to use the pellets I've been giving my tortoises a good veggie and fruit salad every day they also have a tortoise block in there...
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    Tortoises have lost weight

    when I got them Tank: 30 g - 11/7 35 g - 11/17 33 g - 11/30 Gypsy 53 g - 11/7 56 g - 11/17 50 g - 11/30 They get fresh food daily and fresh water. Is this normal? Granted I did weigh them after they defecated tonight (I weighed all my reptiles tonight)
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    Possible problem with Tank

    My sons tortoise Tank - (who weighs 32 grams) keeps ending up on his back. He is eating, drinking, defecating. I am not sure if this is normal or not. His substrate is aspen - but Gypsy who weighs 50 grams does not fall over. I know I have a week "warranty" on him - but I could also take him...
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    How often to tortoises poop

    Ok, my first reptiles were anoles when I was a kid Then I went to my Red Tail Boa - who goes after 2-3 feedings So what about Tortoises. They went when they were shipped. and at least he went tonight (tho she may go later) Just wonder what I'm up for! I know my 11 month old snake's...
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    My Red Foot's came in today

    :tort::tort::tort::tort::tort::tort: I officially own a tortoise! Ok, two - but one belongs to my son. I have two indoor enclosures as we don't have our own place -but when we do they will be out door (as it'll hardly get cold in Corpus Christi) Their names are Gypsy and Tank (photos...
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    My new babies!

    My new tortoises arrived today! - just a quick pic of them before they went into their homes. Leaving them be til they settle Gypsy Gypsy by Eliza Rain, on Flickr and Tank Tank by Eliza Rain, on Flickr
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    New to the boards - and new tortoise's

    My new tortoises arrive tomorrow - one belonging to me - and one belonging to my son (ok I'm mostly taking care of him - but he's helping as when he moves - he goes with him - my son poop scoops, and does daily water, and changes tank - I cut up the food and supervise) They are baby's - male...