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    Beardie question

    I think, if I have sexed them right I have two boys. One I am sure of, but the smaller one I am pretty sure. Question, when they are adults can two boys live peacefully together, if there are no females around? They will be in a 125 gallon tank. I wasn't sure, I was thinking no but if...
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    more misc pics

    Here are a few more pics, My tort xing sign... All the russians The almost 2 yr old DTs Sulcatas
  3. J

    People can be so mean

    This poor tort was found in the middle of the street last week, I picked her up today, Poor thing I don't know what she has been eating, but she smells. The tail shot is kinda bad, but I figured I would include it. She is 6 & 1/4" long and weighs approx 998 grams but...
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    Is this antibiotic ok

    Is this antibiotic ok to use?
  5. J

    My Puppy relaxing

    I call him a puppy but he is 2+ years old, anyways he goes in the car to drop off and pick up kids from school. He always goes in the way way back for the drive, well this afternoon I look in my rear view mirror and there he was sitting on the seat like a little person under the a/c vent. I...
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    new DT enclosure in the works

    So I was @ my parents property today, and behind one of the storage sheds was a dinosaur shaped sand box, just sitting there wasting away making a nice cozy home for all the lizards (boy were they mad @ me). So my parents told me I could have it since my sister didn't need/ want it anymore...
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    Gulf coast box turtles

    This is on craigslist. I emailed him and he says he has 1 male and 2 females.
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    Ideas needed to prepare for next winter

    I know it sounds wierd for some of you, but I want to start planning for next winter now. I need some ideas for winter houses, that way the russians can stay outside to hibernate, they hate being inside and I worry all winter if I can't check on them. So I want to build house that I can setup...
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    Desert Protection plan

    I was reading this article, and it got me thinking what would I do. Initially I said the I would go for the torts, but maybe they could work something out to do both. The torts have already been effected enough as it is, could we really do both. Could they put solor panels up without harming...
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    Found this article...

    I found this article and thought I would share for any who have not seen it. Has anyone offered these to there torts? If so any problems? Daily Press AWAC Plant of the Month March 27, 2009 - 9:19 AM...
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    Misc Photos

    I was going through photos on my phone so I decided to post a few. Hopefully I haven't posted any of these before. Here is a shot of our beardies. The one in the front is orange, the one in the back is yellow. Rocky the boxie w/ mbd - this picture makes him look good. Patches my 3 toed...
  12. J

    New pics of outdoor enclosures

    We added new covers this winter to the big outdoor pens. The seeds are starting to sprout but they are taking there time. My hubby is going to install a misting system this weekend that will water 5 days a week, when the plants are being watered. Then I will make it rain the other two days by...
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    Heres a question for you

    I have an 8 1/2 yr old DT, that was captive breed. he was given to me right before winter. So he has been inside all winter. Question.... when he is in his outdoor enclosure he goes in his hide and doesn't come out. But if I let him out of his enclosure outside he roams all over the...
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    Hermanns Baby

    Post on Craigslist..
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    Cactus question??

    I have two cactus pads I want to have root. 1. Can I use vermiculite to plant it? 2. Do I need to cut the bottom or just stick it in and let it grow?? Appreciate any advice.
  16. J

    Female Russians (T.h.k)

    I have a lonely male looking for some mates. I am looking for Agrionemys horsfieldii kazachstanica (Testudo horsfieldii kazachstanica). If you have any please let me know, If you have the T.h.h or the T.h.r let me know and I may be interested in adding a few more to those groups as well. I may...
  17. J

    Wood Turtle

    So a few weeks ago a lady came to my house, I was expecting two yearling sullys instead I ended up with two sullys a DT and a wood turtle. Since I don't currently have wood turtles I want to find this girl a wonderful home with someone that already has wood turtles and knows there care...
  18. J

    Some new additions

    I got an email from a lady today asking if I would take in two sullys, and when she arrive she had a desert tort 8 yrs, a turtle 10 yrs, and two 10 month old sullys. The three torts are pyramided but the Dt has started to grow smooth, hopefully with a better diet (no corn on the cob) they will...
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    Hibernation question

    With temps starting to go down here, and change so often what is a good low temp to stop feeding to prepare them for hibernation?? I haven't had to worry about cause my russians always went under in the summer and didn't come back up until spring and this year they all stayed up for the summer...
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    Pumpkin & Sisso trees

    Does anyone know if Sissoo trees (Dalbergia sissoo) are toxic to torts, I have some and they drop leaves every winter so if they are not toxic I would like to put them in the pens for added warmth. Also can Desert torts eat pumpkin?? Russians eat pumpkin?? Fall is here and they are starting...