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    Doris update & sexing

    Time for a biannual Doris update! Here she is in June 2019 vs today. Definitely getting big! This is her first outside day of the year. I think she’s big enough to sex now, I’ve just been operating under the assumption that she’s a she because I got her as a hatchling. Any comments? (Yes I...
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    When to bring inside?

    Doris has been living outside all summer and doing great, but I’m starting to think about when she needs to come back inside. Right now the typical weather reaches the low 90s in the day and drops to low 70s at night. What temp cutoff should I be looking for?
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    Only eating Hibiscus?

    I moved Doris into her outdoor enclosure a week ago and she pretty much just hid for a couple of days and didn’t want to eat which I kind of expected. I seeded the enclosure with all sorts of tort friendly plants and bought her a nice big hibiscus to go ahead and have an established plant. Now...
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    Tort friendly greens?

    I’m wanting to seed Doris’s new outdoor enclosure with tort friendly greens. Any suggestions?
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    Doris update!

    Hi all! I don't log on often but wanted to do an update on Doris! Got her as a hatchling at the end of October 2018 so she's ~7 months and 4 inches now (don't know her actual sex so I just call her "she"). She went outside for the first time today (with constant supervision since I don't have...
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    Doris has weird specks?

    I recently noticed that Doris has these weird light specks on her shell. She’s still eating fine and I just soaked her and she pooped. They aren’t raised and they don’t come off when she gets wet. Temp sits around 82 and humidity 85-95%. She eats various greens, veggies, and mazuri. I have no...
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    The Thread of Doris

    Decided to start a thread where I can keep updates on Doris! She’s a redfoot hatchling I got from Tortoise Supply on 10/23/18. Current setup is 55g aquarium converted to closer chamber, temp ~84, humidity in 90s. Today is the first day I’ve gotten her to eat in front of me and I’m so excited!
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    New baby coming Tuesday!

    This afternoon I ordered a redfoot hatchling from Tortoise Supply after reading great reviews on here & I couldn’t be more excited! The little guy should ship out tomorrow night and arrive Tuesday morning. I just finished setting up the enclosure and I love how it turned out! I converted a 55g...
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    Where to get redfoot in Oklahoma?

    I’m in the OKC area and am looking to get a redfoot hatchling in the next month or so, does anyone have recommendations for where to get one? There’s a reptile show coming to town in November but I’m not sure if getting one there is a good idea, opinions? Thanks!
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    Getting my first red foot

    Hey all! I joined this forum ages ago as a high school student who desperately wanted a red foot tortoise. Fast forward to now, I graduated college a year ago and am now finally in a place where I can consider making this dream a reality! Several years ago I had done SO much research on red...
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    Hey guys!

    Wow, I haven't logged on in over a year! :o Anyways, I'm looking for 2 specific threads that I remember from before. A member was doing an experiment with preventing pyramiding by keeping humidity high. One thread was sulcattas and one was leapords. Can anyone help me find them? Thanks in...
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    Do you make money from your torts?

    This is primarily aimed at all of you tortoise breeders. I'd love it if y'all voted in the poll and then elaborated in the comments. How many of you would consider your tortoises your primary business?
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    Housing different species together

    Hi everyone! I'm a rather long-term member who hasn't been on in a long time, so I'm not sure if anyone remembers me. Anyways, I had an interesting thought earlier, so I decided to bring it here. I know that it's not recommended to house different species together because one may carry a...
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    Pyramiding - in reverse?

    I've been looking at the red & yellow foot tortoises at Tortoise Supply, and they all seem to be nice and healthy. I've especially noticed how nice and smooth their 6-8 inch redfoots look! However, their yellowfoots seem to have something going on that looks like pyramiding - in reverse...
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    Walking the line

    From what I've seen, there is a fine line between not providing enough humidity for redfoots (which causes pyramiding) and making things too wet (which causes shell rot). How do you walk the line and make sure your torts have enough humidity without being too wet? How will a wet susbstrate...
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    Redfoots vs. Yellowfoots

    I'm not sure if this is a coincidence, but it seems to me that most of the yellowfoots I've seen have much lighter shells with a lot more yellow than the redfoots. Is this generally the case with all yellowfoots, or am I just seeing light tortoises? Here's an example of what I'm talking...
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    Profile Privacy

    Is there any way I can hide my e-mail on my profile? I can't find an option.[hr] Nevermind, I found it. XD
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    Tortoise Table

    What is the minimum size for a tortoise table for a redfoot? I'm planning on getting a hatchling, but after it graduates from its rubbermaid tub, I want the tortoise table to be big enough for the full-grown tort so that I won't have to keep building new, bigger ones. The table will be used...
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    Redfoot pros and cons

    Well, someone who was thinking about getting a Russian made a "Russian pros and cons" post in the Russian tort forum, so I decided to be a copy cat and make one for redfoots! Tell me what you think the pros and cons are for redfoots, and why. Fire away!
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    I'm wanting to get a Redfoot!

    I'm wanting to get a Redfoot tortoise soon (it will probably be in October-December). I've already done a ton of research and know what they eat, humidity requirements, etc. I'm planning on using the Turtletary guidelines for diet and housing. I live in Texas, so the climate will be great...