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    Tortoise shell conditioning

    i used coconut oil on the shell as well. love the way it gives the tort a beautiful shine.
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    “The Tortoise Trainer “

    Wish I could get away with wearing that hat!
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    Predatory fish for 80 gallons?

    Snakehead... South american cichlid, they look mean and are mean
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    Day lengths in my tortoise enclosures

    Thanks for getting to me, Mark
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    Day lengths in my tortoise enclosures

    Is there a specific timer you recommend?
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    Angulate only wants to eat weeds

    have you tried dried versions of the weeds you feed him? perhaps sprinkle them of the top of the items he wont eat.
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    What to feed baby tortoise

    Read the care sheets here for your specific tortoise. They will provide most of the answers to the questions you have and the ones you don't know you have.
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    Yard sentinel is a great product for keeping critters away. It's available on Amazon. I don't use it for my tortoise just yet ( he's tiny and not outside yet) but I use it for my garbage area. I was constantly get my garbage torn up before I installed it. Not once has that happened since it's...
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    NY Newbie

    Welcome Matt,. I'm on the island as well. I would recommend a Greek or Hermann's.
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    Food Shopping / Soaking Tote Update :]

    @Kapidolo Farms (website has no spaces) sells dried cactus(rehydrate as needed) as well other tort friendly food tortoisesupply.com sells seed mixes as well your tort looks great!
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    A surplus of hibiscus flowers as a learning moment

    do you harvest them while they are still on the bush or do you wait for them to fall?
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    Question about Inkbird Thermostat

    How are you going to have a hot and cool zone though?
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    Question about Inkbird Thermostat

    whats the total wattage of your bulbs? off of amazon:Maximum output load: 1100W this is for the itc-308 it "shouldn't" blow the thermostat if your total watts are below 1100. and even then the thermostat would probably be fine but you might lose power on your bulbs
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    Mazuri and Dried Herbs

    Couldn't agree more... Will is great to deal with and has a great variety of food.
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    Anyone bought any tortoise in https://www.cbreptile.com/

    Same owner as tortoise town I believe
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    Do Repticons Usually Have Adult Russians?

    NY expo was filled with both male and females
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    I think I may just suck at this.

    sorry, I was unaware.
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    I think I may just suck at this.

    You say the enclosure and the diet are perfect but didn't say what either is. How about heat/temp? everything ive read says slow/lethargic animals are usually because its not hot enough
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    Lighting for Closed Enclosure Animal Plastics

    Sounds like the way to go. Ive got a call into AP to see if they will add it.