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  1. Big Charlie

    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    The best way to keep humidity up is to have a closed chamber. You need to put a top on your enclosure. It looks way too dry. Get the substrate wet and with the enclosed top, the humidity should stay up. I think you need to make some changes to your enclosure, possibly changing the substrate and...
  2. Big Charlie


    That woman was brave to sit so close on the ground and wear sandals!
  3. Big Charlie

    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    Welcome! Herb is a cutie! You're going to want to cover the screen to keep the humidity in. I can't tell from your pictures but if you are using a red light, get rid of it.
  4. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    Thank you! I think so too!
  5. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    I'm not strong enough to pick him up. No one I know can pick him up.
  6. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    Yes, they are!
  7. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    He's doing great! Thanks for asking. It's been unseasonably warm here except for a few days so he has been enjoying roaming the yard. He's been using his heated house for over a month except for a few days when he thought he knew better. One of those times I managed to tempt him with a hibiscus...
  8. Big Charlie

    Night time bulb?

    Red isn't good. Tortoises need it dark at night like we do. The heater you use will depend on how large your tortoise is, how large the enclosure is, and how effective the heater is. For smaller tortoises, a CHE (ceramic heat emitter) works fine. It fits into probably the same fixture as your...
  9. Big Charlie

    ANOTHER Night Box Thread...

    I wanted some springs to keep the lid from slamming shut. It was easier to attach a hook on the wall above so I could keep the lid propped open.
  10. Big Charlie

    First Tortoise

  11. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    Thanks everyone! I think he enjoyed his birthday!
  12. Big Charlie

    the new "what do you look like" thread

    Beautiful smiles!
  13. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    We tried! I think my bathroom scale is too small and it is glass so the bucket kept sliding around.
  14. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    Thanks! I've never weighed him. I'm curious though.
  15. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    He still loves patrolling along the fence. The first picture was taken almost 3 years ago.
  16. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    Here are some pictures of what he looks like now.
  17. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    Today is Charlie's Hatchday (possibly)! He was hatched between July 18, 1999 and August 31, 1999. I recently found the original paperwork I got when I purchased him in a pet store in Paso Robles, California. It is labelled Tortoise Country. Here are some pictures from when he was tiny.
  18. Big Charlie

    New here! Still in research phase

    Welcome to the forum! I used to have guinea pigs when Charlie was little. They ate a lot of the same food.
  19. Big Charlie

    Little binkey's growth

    I think they get friendlier when they are bigger and don't see you as much of a threat. Every time I'm outside, Charlie comes over to see what I'm doing; probably seeing if I brought him anything. Charlie's never had mazuri. If it causing constipation, I would cut it out for awhile.
  20. Big Charlie

    The recipe and food discussion thread ♥

    Ouch! That sounds horrible. Oh, I love corn on the cob! Lately I've been obsessed with street corn. Can you eat creamed corn?