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  1. TammyJ

    Found a cute baby Turtle!

    What are you doing in their habitat? You are obviously an invasive species.
  2. TammyJ

    White fuzzy things on egg surface

    Not an expert but the one on the right hand side looks like it's no good and the white fuzzy thing on the other one should be wiped off. May be fungus/mold. What are you incubating on? Maybe the humidity is too high? Someone else will come along and help more than I can.
  3. TammyJ

    Redfoot hides all day

    Tammy, are you going to ask once more to see the enclosure and setup for this wonderful looking Redfoot?
  4. TammyJ

    Redfoot hides all day

    Well, that's a lot of "dislikes"! Very useful information. I guess it's a good thing that redfoots are just about the easiest tortoises to please when it comes to food! They eat such a variety.
  5. TammyJ

    Redfoot hides all day

    Well. That is one amazing looking redfoot tortoise! Congrats. Can we see her enclosure/how you keep her?
  6. TammyJ

    RF Swallowed Chicken Bone....

    I guess I would not give my redfoot chicken bones because of the fear of his choking on it. He eats eggshells (with the boiled egg) and occasional small snails, slugs and he has his cuttlebone and repti-calcium powder. Besides, I would be depriving my rats of their favorite food:D in the whole...
  7. TammyJ

    Local Tropical Fruits

    Hi and welcome to this site, Juan! I'm in Jamaica and I give my tortoise any of our local fruit too including mango and pawpaw (papaya) and guava, which they love.
  8. TammyJ

    My lad may have eaten some plastic.

    It's just not worth the risk, no plastic plants in the enclosure please. That's for fish.
  9. TammyJ

    Please help I need to know if this is normal for a Hermann tortoise...

    You are welcome on this site, and already started getting the best possible advice!!! Good luck.
  10. TammyJ

    Odd Tortoise Behavior and Urates

    I am seeing what looks like plastic plants in the enclosure. Not sure that's a good idea. They might be swallowed and cause a blockage/impaction in his digestive system. Not needed. Love his face.
  11. TammyJ

    Hi everyone......

    What is he on in the picture? Are his eyes swollen?
  12. TammyJ


    Play sand? Real sand? what's the difference, they are both not good. Believe me, the folks here who are advising you know their tortoise stuff. They really care and want to help and I for one am so very glad I came here for help over three years ago!
  13. TammyJ

    Is my tortoise sleeping too much

    Hi there and welcome! Someone with experience of these will soon come along to help you!
  14. TammyJ

    Greetings from South Korea

    Wow! I guess the herp vets know what each color may mean, and how to go from that indication. I would think that pink or reddish would mean bleeding?
  15. TammyJ

    Help! Is this pyramiding

    He needs some fixing up with regard to the early pyramiding. Make sure you check out the correct humidity levels and the temperatures for this species. He seems to have been kept too dry to start. Daily warm water soaks (supervised) will do him good and help prevent further pyramiding.
  16. TammyJ

    What kind of turtle do I have?

    Not in the least kind! Just stating a fact.:)
  17. TammyJ

    Health concern

    It might just help and maybe help us to form some ideas if we could see pictures of him and of his enclosure.
  18. TammyJ

    Health concern

    Sorry to hear your torty is sick. Wish I could offer any advice but I can't. Have they done an XRay? It sounds like he has a blockage or twisted gut?
  19. TammyJ

    What kind of turtle do I have?

    Stick with Moozillion for care and best keeping this adorable turtle!!! She KNOWS.
  20. TammyJ

    Male or Female?

    And welcome to this site!