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  1. Rover15

    Looking for Reeves Turtle breeders for advice/knowledge

    Hi all I'm looking to source out any Reeves turtle breeders out there so I can pick their brain. I have owned many different turtles/tortoises but have settled on keeping and possibly breeding Reeves turtles I have a male about 4 years old and a female age is unknown other than older than 2...
  2. Rover15

    Type of weed?

    Any idea what kind of weed this is?
  3. Rover15

    Box turtle Egg hatching debate/opinions/experience

    Can I start a friendly debate without things going crazy?? Talking about Eggs and Hatching them. I'm looking for peoples opinions on what they choose to do why and any experience behind what they do, please include your area/location because I know not every method works for everyone, in every...
  4. Rover15

    Does she have eggs? Did she lay? what am I missing?

    Tons of questions going through my head looking for all advice and opinions. I have a female 3 toed box turtle named Rubber Ducky, and a Male named Bert. They have successfully Matted a few times (meaning they have been "stuck" together for lack of a better term) this was about 4 and a half...
  5. Rover15

    Leopard Tortoise

    Looking to rehome my Leopard Tortoise. She is pver 3 years old Took her in with an RI she is since A LOT better, huge appetite very friendly and personable, I posted an add on Kijiji asking 500, but if your a member of this forum and have experience im flexible with the price. Also willing to...
  6. Rover15

    More bad news, for my lock snapping turtle population

    Last April (2017) Ontario finally banned the hunting of the common snapping turtle, and I believe it was back in 2008 or 2009 is when they listed the common snapping turtle as a special concern which is a step below endangered by my understanding. One step forward and 3 steps back...
  7. Rover15

    Laying eggs with out hibernating, is it possible?

    More or lesa what the title says. Is it possible for a female to lay eggs if she hasnt hibernated?? I read an old piece of information that states a female will NEVER lay eggs of she didnt hibernate the previous season. Is this a fact or myth?? Would love to hear all opinions.
  8. Rover15

    Ink bird thermostat help/Petunia update

    My ink bird thermostat finally showed up today. I have never needed one as my box turtles are fine with my temp drops at night, ill up update 1st then ask my questions. I currently have a Leopard Tortoise Petunia she is over 3 years old and I took her in a week and a half ago she had a RI when...
  9. Rover15

    TFO meet Rubber Ducky my new female three toed box turtle

    I was finally able to pick up this female 3 toed box turtle. I have been in contact with the previous owner for well over a month to get this beauty. He was just switching his focus to Lizards. Her name is Rubber Ducky or Ducky for short. I have a male Three toed name Bertrum or Bert for short...
  10. Rover15

    Thoughts and opinions on outdoor enclosure

    Im looking mainly for suggestions on a plant for inbetween the post that will be high enough to create shade and a hide, but also safe for my box turtles to eat. This picture is taken at about 5 30pm it is almost covered in shade by now, but full sun from about 9am till 430 once the shade comes...
  11. Rover15

    Yard plants

    Can box turtles and a leopard tortoise eat these?
  12. Rover15

    TFO meet Petunia my new Leopard Tortoise

    When I inquired about Frumpy my new Eastern box turtle, the owner had asked me if I was interested in her Leopard Tortoise, she advised me that she hadn't yet posted an ad for it because it was sick. It looks to me like a RI she has bubbles from the noise (I will include a picture that the...
  13. Rover15

    TFO meet Frumpy my new Eastern Box Turtle

    I recently acquired Frumpy an Eastern box turtle with a deformed shell, he is very active and seems fearless my kids have all been able to pet him without any shying away. He is believed to be 8 years old. The owner offered him as well as a Leopard Tortoise With an RI (I'll Introduce her later...
  14. Rover15

    Need help, outdoor enclosure

    So I have built my outdoor enclosure minus adding some plants, and a more perminante water situation. I just need to add a roof (for lack of a better term) My enclosure is 6ft by 8ft, and i was going to do a butterfly top with two 3ft by 8ft doors on hinges that open towards each other. I was...
  15. Rover15

    Old Project Recycled for Box Turtles Outdoor Enclosure

    Back Story, I recycled a bunch of wood from a job site last summer and built a Dog house that the kids turned into a clubhouse playhouse using the wood and a truck cap that was left in my backyard. wish I wish I took more pictures but I was drinking a fair bit that day. This is the wood I...
  16. Rover15


    so as I often do when I'm bored I search kijiji to look at what types of turtles and tortoises are for sale and I look all over Canada I'm in Ontario. I came across this ad Painful Images I am lost for words, the ad itself reads: she has had this Florida Box Turtle since before it was one...
  17. Rover15

    Extremely active Male?

    My male three toed box turtle seems to be more actove today then he has been. My temperatures on the warm side are 27.2c 81f basking is 34c 93f, cool side is 24c 75f in side the hid on the cool sode ots 22c 71.5f Humidity is 90 on cool side 70 on warm side. Substrate is 3-4" deep pending on...
  18. Rover15

    Meanwhile spring in Ontario

    Here is a picture just out front of my house.
  19. Rover15

    Backyard plants

    I plan on posting plants through the next week that i find, Things I'd like to know: Should i keep it in the enclosure? Can/will my box turtle eat it? Is ot dangerous? Thank you all in advance.
  20. Rover15

    House plant help

    My wife picked up this plant end of summer last year, all she remembers is it is supposed to help purifiy the air if anyone can give me more details id appreciate it. Is it box turtle safe? Care instructions? Does it just grow upwards? Does it produce smaller plants to be replanted? Sorry im...