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  1. Sulcata Tortoise

    What size aquarium ? Gallons?

    What size do I need to keep a full grown Mississippi map turtle female year round in an aquarium?
  2. Sulcata Tortoise

    Rescued tortoise dont drinks water

    i have a few tortoises. Last Month i rescued a greek tortoise. he doesnt Drinks at all. His previous owner kept him without water and fed him only lettuce...... hes aprox 15 years old. Can tortoises forget what water is? I soak him daily but he doesnt drinks... I make his food very wet but...
  3. Sulcata Tortoise

    Sully ate catfood help

    We had a storm yesterday so i had to bring sully inside. forgot that theres catfood on the floor.. he ate one bowl is this going to be a Problem? His normal diet is grass 90% grasses 5% and cactus and salad 5 % hes 20 in lenght
  4. Sulcata Tortoise

    No need for heat lamp?

    A few months ago I ordered a pvc enclosure that I wanted for baby tortoises And yesterday it came I installed a Arcadia t5 uvb tube 12% And I installed two radiant heat panels also Now i get a reading of 99f on the side with the heatpanels at shell level and on the other side 94f. At night it...
  5. Sulcata Tortoise

    News paper as substrate?

    I have seen many enclosures with newspaper in them Is newspaper an ok substrate?
  6. Sulcata Tortoise

    Help tort eat common ivy

    my sulcata bit of a bit of an ivy leaf (size of her mouth)... I was fast enough to stop her before she could eat more my question would be can this harm her badly? What can i expect? It happened 20 minutes ago so far no signs in behavior change
  7. Sulcata Tortoise

    Fantastic Information

    Hello I just wanted to say that since I found this forum my tortoise husbandry got a million times better my sully's are growing like crazy The app is really good and easy to navigate through Thx for all the help and thx for all u members cause u make the forum what it is a beautiful place...
  8. Sulcata Tortoise

    Can I keep my sulcata outside full time?

    Hello I'm moving to south California next month and I will ofc take my torts with me Can I keep them outside full time? They are almost 3 years old I would build them a night box with additional heat but I'm worried about humidity...
  9. Sulcata Tortoise

    Grass seeds

    Can i buy grass seeds from my local garden center and feed it to my sulcata? I mean the grass after it grew not the seeds[emoji28]
  10. Sulcata Tortoise

    Can someone help?

    Hello all I got a juvenile sulcata in 4 months he turns 3 years old.. today his basking light stopped working I normally have daytime temperature at 97,6 f under the basking lamp. So now without it the whole enclosure is at 75,2 f due to work I wont be able to buy a new one till Thursday Will...