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  1. queen koopa

    Wild Desert Tort?

    A friend was out walking in Sloan National Canyon Conservation and cane across this guy. Just wanted to share..
  2. queen koopa

    Need some social/neighbor advice from my tortoise peeps.

    So there is a home in my neighborhood that has a great spineless cactus bordering their property wall. I would like to contact them to see if I could get a few pads to plant at my house. Do you guys think it’s a bad time to ask them? I mean with the social distancing going on? I wanted to put a...
  3. queen koopa

    Suggestions for full sun, frost resistant, Sulcata safe?

    Hi all! Just expanded my sulcata enclosure. Have 3 sections to it now. In the new section I am doing majority grasses, but the corners or some of the side borders (using long thinner planters of some sort, tall enough to prevent tortoise sabotage) I wanted edible plants to hang down. I was...
  4. queen koopa

    I DNA tested my dog, has anyone else ? So cool.

    This is my American Staffirdshire Terrier / MUTT haha Hayze. He just turned 3. At puppy And now
  5. queen koopa

    Cute dog pic!

    Read your post about wanting your bro to paint! This is lil dog. She is maybe 9 yrs old, 6 pounds! Haha
  6. queen koopa

    Spineless Opuntia growth inquiry

    Hey fellow tortoise peeps and cactus growers. I planted spineless opuntia April 2019. 2 in pots, 1 in the ground. The ground planted pad grew 1 additional pad within a couple months of planting, the 2 in pots as well, but one of the plantings grew 2 pads. Since then there has been no...
  7. queen koopa

    Goat On A Leash!!

    I took my goat out for weeds..... something I don’t normally do... he can be a bit of pain.
  8. queen koopa

    Sulcata climbing

    Gonna start out with I am stupid for thinking she wouldn’t eventually get up there.. think she climbed that log... I put a temporary barrier up in my Sulcatas enclosure, and she did this
  9. queen koopa

    Can I feed Prickly Cactus fruit to my 6yr old Sulcata?

    I have a huge supply of cactus fruit, a friend collects them in the desert and he just keeps bringing them to me for my sulcata. She is 6, 34 pounds. I try to include many varied plants in her diet. Bermuda, orchard, dandelion, rocket, chickweed, crab grass, buckhorn plantain, aloe, baby lettuce...
  10. queen koopa

    Anyone see this video on the deformed Tortise with wheels?

    This is worth a watch for us tortoise geeks. Fascinating and draws many questions.
  11. queen koopa

    Pictures of your indoor grow set ups?

    Hey all! I’m looking to set up a small indoor grow area, for a patch of grass or a few vegetable plants. All windows in my house totally suck for any natural light for growing. I have a T5 fluorescent 2 ft 2 bulbs. Works great for germination but But looking for examples of set ups for after...
  12. queen koopa

    Is this Geranium ?

    So I bought Geranium seeds online, didn’t realize until after that they ship from the Philippines. Grew 3 under a grow light and just put one outside a week ago and it just flowered today! Im so excited, I’ve only grown vegetables from seed before!! But then Put the pic in my plant ID app and is...
  13. queen koopa

    Las Vegas- is this a desert tortoise?

    hey all this lil guy popped up at my neighbors. Our community borders the desert. We have him listed on the neighborhood lost animal site. Just curious.
  14. queen koopa

    Does anyone have any feed back on the plant ID apps?

    Like Plant snap pro? iplant? Picture this?
  15. queen koopa

    Plant ID Las Vegas 4

    this is a super healthy growing weed in my yard. Spreads out flat over the ground or up walls. Its root is very thick, tuff, and deep rooting. Really hoping its safe to feed because I have so much now and all throughout summer.
  16. queen koopa

    Plant ID Las Vegas (3)

    I am comparing this this plant to the photo of Creeping Charlie in Yvonne’s post of common plants. I’m thinking the leaves crinkle up here in Nevada because of the dry climate and the area these were growing in is constantly dusted by running horses.
  17. queen koopa

    My tortoise took a few bites of Lantana, tortoise table said toxic.

    last time I listen to my dad about plants. He said ot was bougainvillea. Looked it up, its not. Is there a way to flush out of her system? Like watermelon or cucumber?
  18. queen koopa

    Plant id - las vegas (2)

    And First time ive seen this anywhere on our property. It popped up in my petunia bed, no other weeds present
  19. queen koopa

    Plant ID please - las vegas, nv

    live in las vegas. Just checked out preen and several plant ID threads... I’m thinking maybe a nettle? Idk. I’m bad at olant ID.