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  1. Alexio

    Solarmeter 6.5

    I am selling my solarmeter model 6.5 UV index. Works perfectly. only used a few times. Asking 200. Can ship . Email me at [email protected]
  2. Alexio

    Female Leopard Tortoise

    I have a 3 year old female leopard tortoise for sale. Shes about 5 lbs and about 7 in long. She was raised by herself in a high humidity enviorment on a diet of high fiber leafy greens. She has slight pyramiding from before i got her but all of her growth has come in smooth, and i imagine when...
  3. Alexio

    Tortoises and snake mites

    Has anyone ever personally owned or knew directly a person who had a tortoise get snake mites? In this case I know a few of my new snakes in quarentine do/ did have mites. I am worried about them spreading to my leopard tortoise enclosure. But I am also somewhat uncertain if a tortoise can...
  4. Alexio

    Enclosure sealant

    I completed my first PVC board enclosure last night and I could not be happier with the results. It should be completely waterproof, insect proof , and mold and mildew proof. The best part is there is no annoying standing or sealing the PVC board itself. (I will include a separate thread on my...
  5. Alexio

    Marginated tortoise trio

    I have 3 unsexsed Marginated tortoises for sale. 2 of them are about 3 years old and the third is a little younger. The largest is 5 in the second is about 4 1/2 in and the third is about 4 in. All hand raised in separate high humidity environments soaked dailey and fed a variety of greens...
  6. Alexio

    Fruit and vegetable wash?

    I saw this in the store near the greens today. I was naturally intrigued as I always worry about sprays and such on store bought greens.
  7. Alexio

    Turtle picture

    When you do 50 pushups, but the coach says he needs 50 more.
  8. Alexio

    Some RF heat/ light questions

    I have read many care sheets not on the TFO that indicate redfoot tortoises need a basking site around 90 or 95 depending on the care sheet. And a cool side of 80f. I have also read that redfoots don't like it excessively hot and bright, and temps around 80-86 are better. Further yet i have...
  9. Alexio

    I just don't get it?

    Its been driving me crazy lately... But it seems like more and more new people come to this forum with preconceived notions or ideas about tortoises and tortoise keeping. I'm not just talking about the "old ways" of keeping them dry , or on sand , or feeding cat food or fruit. But the number...
  10. Alexio

    When you have...

    ...that one friend who always does something weird in the picture without telling you.
  11. Alexio

    Tis the season!

    As most people know it is now the Christmas season, which means a lot of people are putting up fake trees. But this is one of the only times you can buy this in stores. IRIS Holiday Tree Storage Box 52.32 in. long x 20.31in. wide x 14.3. in high
  12. Alexio


    One of the most frequently asked questions that seems to come up is ; Do i need a thermostat for my tortoise enclosure? Providing correct temperatures throughout the tortoise enclosure is vital to a young (or old) tortoises health. It is important to remember that each tortoise species hails...
  13. Alexio

    When you think your Russian has escaped

    But then you realize she just loves to play hide n seek.
  14. Alexio

    An article on substrate I found this article today on LLLReptile while trying to figure out if orchid bark and repti bark were the same thing. I found it very informative on the concept of substrate and the similarities / differences of the...
  15. Alexio

    Good catch Bean Farm

    I just wanted to take a minute and write a review for the Bean Farm. I order my high end heating / electronic supplies, specifically heat tape which they sell by the foot in many sizes and the Herpstat (widely considered the best thermostat on the market.) They also have a ton more stuff than...
  16. Alexio

    My car : (

    With 4 bullets in the hood. I guess I live in a bad neighborhood.
  17. Alexio

    Heat sources and humidity levels

    I was unsure about whether to post this question here or on the tortoise enclosure section, but I have a feeling there may not end up being a one right answer. When it comes to providing heat for reptiles and tortoises more specifically you basically have 4 "in tank" heat sources. 1. Your...
  18. Alexio

    Questions about melamine in rack

    I recently built this rack system. My intention was to use PVC board for its many benefits but home Depot said they couldn't cut the sheets , so melamine it is. This is the rack system: It was a pretty easy build and it looks really finished unlike my torts enclosures. My questions are with...
  19. Alexio

    "Shell Saver" a shell moisturizer

    Hello all , I recently purchased this "Turtle and Tortoise shell Saver moisturizer and conditioner for shells" I will attempt to attach pictures. I bought this in a petstore and after living in these forums for the last 3 weeks I have become extremely leery of pet stores. I'm wondering if anyone...