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  1. Lizastarr

    Worms and frogs migrating and dying?

    So the past 2 days I have found a dozen or more big worms dead/dying in my back yard all heading in same direction...on the dirt/rock area of the yard. Also saw a live large frog hopping past my chickens, then a dead, dried up frog. First time seeing green frogs here! Why the sudden migration...
  2. Lizastarr

    2 yr old Sulcata tortoise, oklahoma, needs home asap. Currently just over 2 lbs.

    Hello, I am in Oklahoma and need to find a proper, loving home for my 2 yr old Sulcata tortoise. Plz message. Thank you.
  3. Lizastarr

    Need a home for 2.5 yr old sulcata, in Oklahoma.

    I have been on here for a while. I have a 2.5 year old sulcata, Neo/Nia. I currently reside in mid east Oklahoma. Life has not been good and I do not believe I will be on this Earth much longer. She eats well, poops well but does have some pyramiding from my earlier stupidness. I DO NOT want...
  4. Lizastarr

    2 yr old sulcata

    How much does a tortoise need to eat? I have a tiny 2 yr old who is finally growing, and while soaking him today he tried eating his feces. I have been feeding him 2-3 times a day.. Suggestions?
  5. Lizastarr

    Help!!! Need home for sulcata baby

    This is the worst site I've ever been on. I need help! Now.
  6. Lizastarr

    New and having issues all around.

    I cannot figure how to use this forum on my smartphone. My grandkids found this turtle. It has holes punched through its shell and nail polish on top, I got some of that off. Is this a turtle or a tortoise? I will try to post a pic but in case that won't work either I did use the pic as my...