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    Red Foot Tortoise not able to walk after a cold night

    More likely to be frostbite than a parasite. Look for signs of skin damage in those areas if it doesn't clear up soon.
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    Fixing holes in plastic tubs?

    Glue? Bah! Heat up a butter knife or tea spoon until it's hot enough to melt the plastic. Start just above the hole and with a slight weaving motion smooth the melted plastic over the opening. For added security, go back over in the opposite direction and then do the same to other side as well...
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    Red marijuana grow light.

    One of those pinkish LED grow light strips, or something else? I decided to experiment a small strip of LED's in one area of my RF's enclosure and he seems to prefer it to the brighter UV light end. (but there was also better cover to hang out under since I added a low corner shelf with spider...
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    Plant Identification Books

    30 years ago when I was learning this stuff, this was the standard reference. Can't believe the price they're asking though. Newcomb's Wildflower Guide
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    Couple of Questions for Diet and Enclosure

    The trick I used was to make a tall pot that was anchored to the wall in the corner so it couldn't be pulled over and put a nice arching spiderplant in it. I just used the middle of a 2L pop bottle cut into a sheet and a few screws. The walls are waterproof so I can get away with it. When I...
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    Red foot humidity, pyramiding, and bugs Help!

    The main complaint with a humidifier seems to be that it is dumping cool air into the chamber that then needs to heat up and that it is not overly effective compared to the usual method of adding water to the substrate. Should be okay on astroturf, but I don't use the stuff so I can't actually...
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    Red foot humidity, pyramiding, and bugs Help!

    Unless it stays around 80-85F without one, you will need one.
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    Red foot humidity, pyramiding, and bugs Help!

    Saucers are the recommended water dish since they are easier to climb in and out of and pose less of a drowning risk for baby torts. Something big enough for him to sit in would be ideal because then he can soak if he wants. Plastic would be better than cardboard, but cardboard will help too...
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    Couple of Questions for Diet and Enclosure

    Spider plants tolerate Redfoot conditions quite well. They're edible, tough as nails, and arch nicely to provide good hiding places. As long as you keep them elevated enough that the base of the plant can't get eaten or trampled, they seem to do well.
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    Red foot humidity, pyramiding, and bugs Help!

    Is it a closed chamber? A lid to keep the humidity in is pretty much the bare minimum. The next thing is what were you using for substrate before? If you were just using dirt from outside that was probably your problem. Orchid bark and coco coir are generally sterile so if you don't bring bugs...
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    AM I A BAD TORT DADDDDD????!helppppp

    Your instinct for making things like a south American jungle is good. They like warm, wet, shady, and lots of places to hide. The only thing to add to what others have said is make sure he has a constant source of water and you should be pretty good to go. And if you haven't already researched...
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    Eyes still closed

    The actual question being asked is if it is it a compact fluorescent UV coil light? Their design makes them capable of sun burning eyeballs.
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    Shallow pond watering hole for my Russians

    Your tap water is probably coming to you via concrete lined steel pipe. (For the mains at least)
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    If it's berry season, mine likes the bird poop he finds around his pond. ...And rabbit raisins are a wonderful treat when he finds them.
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    heating conundrum. too much conflicting info.

    Definitely come back and ask, but your tort probably won't spend much time on top of the hide if it's to hot and bright. RF's aren't much for bright lights and basking. Edit to add: they do like to wander and clamber over things, so it might become a popular thing climb onto over and over but...
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    I had a scare today

    If screws aren't enough, run bolts through the wood with and secure with locknuts. At that point he has to rip the frame out to escape.
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    Pond liner would be a more permanent solution. ...but also a more expensive one.
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    Power Outage

    When trying to insulate the enclosure, don't forget to insulate the bottom -- particularly if it's sitting on the floor.
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    Help? Sulcata found in the desert

    Wow. I didn't realize it was that bad. I wouldn't have thought it wouldn't be that difficult to find them homes.
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    Help? Sulcata found in the desert

    What I don't understand is that if you're callus enough to abandon an animal like that why you wouldn't just sell it. He(?) has obviously been well cared for so whoever did it knows they weren't setting him free, they were giving him a death sentence.