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  1. ArchieTheTort

    The MOST intelligent reptile I’ve seen

    Ok so I’ve had a few reptiles in my short lifetime including a snake and a gecko that both * clears throat* ran away ( well one slithered) although the snake is not my fault... now I have another snake ( that’s tank had secure clamps and weights on it) and Archie my Russian tortoise. Today I...
  2. ArchieTheTort

    Pretty sure he’s healthy..

    Ok... so this may be a strange thread I just want to know if Archie looks all healthy .. I don’t have any concerns or anything he eating and acting fine just wanted to make sure he looks all good
  3. ArchieTheTort

    Uhh is this just poop... 😟

    Alright so Archie was in his bath and he was scrabbling around after ten minutes and I took him out and saw this, it looks similar to my snakes poo, in that it’s white but I don’t know , is it like urates or something ... please help( they look a lot more white compared to the photo.....)
  4. ArchieTheTort

    Nails, beak and noise

    Hello, how do I know if my tortoises beak and nails are overgrown and do they absolutely need to be cut ( I know the beak overgrowth could cause eating issues..) because I don’t want to put him through stress ... 😕 also the noise part of the title is , sometimes when he swallows he makes an eep...
  5. ArchieTheTort


    Hello, this is my very first thread, I got my new russian tortoise Archie, ( I’ve done a TON of research before getting him) he’s in 3 by 4 table, I woulda liked to get a bigger one straight away but being 14 I can’t fit a 4 X 8 table Er something in my room lol ( I’m in the process of adding...