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  1. K8E K

    Yet another ask for help with plant ID😛

    Anyone have an idea? Having trouble with this one. Inside the circle naturally growing, a portion in bottom photo
  2. K8E K

    OK, give me the reality check

    Alll right. This is a ramble/question/request for a reality check. I generally keep up with a few animal rescues close to me, mostly because I volunteer when I can and also just really like "animal people" and my day job is suuuper different. With the pandemic of course it's a little bonkers-...
  3. K8E K

    How do you deal with a very large dead tortoise?

    What do you do with a very large (80+ lb) tortoise that dies? This is thankfully totally hypothetical on my end- just curious. Just thinking about the size hole if you were to bury 😬 My grandparents were dairy farmers and if a cow died they'd move it to a separate field and leave it for the...
  4. K8E K

    Recommendation for getting a care sheet changed at a pet store

    We have a reptile "specialty" store in the East Bay California that people loooooove. I quite honestly suspect it's the air of expertise that is lovingly stoked. They keep several species of tortoises and they're all badly pyramided, in small, hot cages, many in sand, many without water. The...
  5. K8E K

    Night box floor suggestion

    I've had really good luck with industrial floor tile (the cheap square tile kind you can get a box of at hardware stores) for night boxes. When applied directly to the plywood with the glue that it is intended to be applied to floors it makes the ply more sturdy and impervious to digging and...
  6. K8E K

    What are your favorite temp/humidity gauges?

    Besides a heat gun, what are your favorite (digital preferably) thermometers/hydrometers? I've had two break on me with "excess humidity" (at somewhere around 70%, sheesh)- I've bought the same two cheapo magnetic ones and the screens go. Looking at reviews on Amazon they're all over the place...
  7. K8E K

    Outdoor Russian Heating Question

    Hi All, Background: I have a russian outdoors year round in the bay area, where temperatures average about 40 as the low and 60's as a high in winter (which is short) and 50-60 as the low and 80s as the high in summer. The enclosure is about 12'x4' fully enclosed, with about 3 feet of dirt...
  8. K8E K

    Looking for Tortoise in Northern California

    Hi all, Hope everyone is staying safe and well! We've prepped our yard and grazing areas to house a sulcata, leopard, or Manouria emys if anyone is looking to re-home (we can only house one of these unless leopard). Happy to share more about our habitat and experience. Thanks so much.
  9. K8E K

    Guess soaking is universal...

    Everyone likes a good soak :)
  10. K8E K

    Safe Temporary Tortoise Housing for N.Cal

    We have room for safe temporary tortoise housing if you're being evacuated due to fires- please message me. Most species of tortoise can be accommodated, but we only have room for 2 large tortoises (80-150ish) in order to keep them safely separated. We have several different types of habitats...
  11. K8E K

    Another: ID this Guy! (one that makes me feel better about my craigslist habit)!

    favorite this post Tortoise identification help? image 2 of 6 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) So a tortoise was surrendered to my work last week, and we couldn't figure out his species so I brought him home. He's 11 inches long so he can't be a Texas tortoise...
  12. K8E K

    Russian temps in n. california

    I've had a a russian for the last three months or so that was brought to me after living at least the last 10 years in a small glass tank with a male. On my property she currently lives outdoors in coastal Northern California, so I've been ferrying her inside when nighttime temperatures drop...
  13. K8E K

    Can anyone ID this guy?

    Not a great picture, it's taken from craigslist: any ideas on species? almost looks boxie to me?
  14. K8E K

    Bother with the outdoors?

    Is it worth carrying my small MEP outdoors each day? I currently have two setups for my (131 g) MEP. The indoor temp and humidity controlled enclosed set up (heat, no lighting), which is near windows, and covered with a mostly opaque top. Natural light gets through- enough to provide a...
  15. K8E K

    Ready for a PP...favorite breeder?

    Or place to adopt (Nor Cal)? I'm happy to hear places you wouldn't recommend as well (feel free to message those if you don't want to share publicly)... Anyone that you think does an especially good job with Leopards, and/or would be sure it's a PP not B? I obtained an MEP from a breeder that...
  16. K8E K

    Hi! New and obsessed...with questions!

    Hi! I thought I should venture over to this corner and say "hi". I am the new proud and totally obsessed owner of a MEP. I'm not new to tortoises, but new to MEE/MEPs (the result of a long research project on who the new member of the family was going to be :) Questions! -I have both indoor and...
  17. K8E K

    Question about hatchling size MEE or MEP

    I just received what was supposed to be a MEE (but I'm fairly certain is a MEP, the pectoral scutes are not attached, but it's a bit hard to tell)- and s/he weights in at about 4.1oz. Because of some conversations about care I had with the breeder which raised my "pink flags" and because I'm...