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    K. b.b

    I can't think of anything to add but wow, that is awesome! Congrats
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    Mauremys reevesii (Reeve's turtle)

    That's what I do. Mine is pretty mellow, but he'd never be patient enough for filing. I usually just do one or two at a time and first thing in the morning or late at night.
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    Mauremys reevesii (Reeve's turtle)

    I use clippers made for kids. On the turtle, I mean
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    YBS shell shedding / shell rot?

    Sorry, I have no slider experience, but my understanding is that they are almost exclusively carnivorous when young. Maybe add anacharis and duck weed to the tank? Lettuce doesn't add much, nutrient wise. Search under RES care and hopefully you will get some specific info.
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    Baby Leopard Tortoise Concerns

    It's an egg tooth. Nothing to worry about, but it does show he's very young so getting the temps etc dialed in as previously mentioned is critical. Sounds like you're getting the setup good to go, so nice job. And congrats on new addition.
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    Mauremys reevesii (Reeve's turtle)

    I add a little to the Mazuri mash up I give my redfoot.
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    How I feed my Tortoises!(PICTURE HEAVY)

    Nice work. With the Mazuri I also mix in some Herbal Hay from tortoise supply and for the Redfoots add a couple Omega 1 algae wafers. The main ingrediants are kelp, spirulina and salmon. So trace minerals and protein. No idea if it's needed or not. Anyway, great info. Thanks for putting it...
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    Back around to tortoises again!

    But no pyramiding, so that's good
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    Back around to tortoises again!

    That's my interest as well. Sulcattas are too big for me and stars too expensive. I've been planning to get a Babcocki leopard and hope for the best, but you've got me thinking I should save up for a SA. Sorry for any thread high jacking!
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    Back around to tortoises again!

    Wow. Over sulcattas and leopards? I'll have to look into these guys. Does the same apply to the Sri Lanken/Indian stars?
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    Tortoise Guardianship Bangladesh

    Thanks for sharing this. Fantastic work.
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    9 mo. marginated won't eat

    Hi donna. I've had a Marginated for just over a year. Mine particularly seems to enjoy a temp gradient. Under the basking light the temp is 105, at the far end the temp is 75. There is a humid his that is 85 and 80% RH. Outside the hide, the humidity is around 70% to 50%. Mine is not interested...
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    Off topic: Experts: Humid vs. Dry

    Reread my posts with Ascott. I'm a (wannabe) sulcata newbie and not only was she less than forthcoming about her lack of expertise, she was rude and condescending at every opportunity. Somehow, her posts weren't removed even though they were insulting and conveyed zero information. Why is it...
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    Off topic: Experts: Humid vs. Dry

    Wise words. And the makings of some truly awesome t-shirts! Especially the first one.